Doing business with Rudy Mawer has added immense value to my life both personally and professionally. By using and executing what he advocates, I’ve been able to improve my own physique and health dramatically, and am now able to do the same for all of my clients.
Christopher Cavallini
CEO/Founder Nutrition Solutions
NASM Certified Fitness & Nutrition Specialist
Here’s The Topics You’ll Master
in a Single Weekend:

Muscle Growth

  • Advanced Muscle Building Techniques & Training Variables

  • The Best Training Split and Frequency for Muscle Growth

  • Advanced Techniques such as Intra Set Stretching, Cluster Sets, Strength Curve Manipulation, Blood Flow Restriction, Rest Pause and Much More,

  • Optimizing Rest Periods, Rep Ranges, Sets and Technique

  • Scientific Strategies to Optimize Nutrient Partitioning and Insulin Sensitivity

  • Nutrient Timing to Maximize Recovery and Muscle Growth

  • Macronutrient and Calorie Optimization

  • Exercise Selection and Execution

  • Top Reasons People Fail to Large Amounts of Gain Mass

  • My Secret Mass Gaining Techniques,

  • The ‘Best’ Diet for Muscle Growth – Based on testing with over 500 clients.

  • Muscle Building FAQ and Trouble Shooting

  • Free Copy of My 20 Week Scientific Mass (RRP $400).


  • My Personal Fat Loss Strategies Proven By Science

  • Macro and Calorie Splits for Fat Loss

  • Diet Optimization for Fat Loss While Maintaining Muscle Mass & Performance

  • Advanced Carb Cycling Manipulation

  • Scientific Refeed and Nutrient Cycling

  • Hormonal Optimization

  • The Best Program Design / Training Split For Fat Loss

  • Tailoring Training Variables for Fat Loss (Reps, Rests, Exercise, and Techniques etc.)

  • Menstrual Cycle and Menopause Optimization

  • Proven Fat Loss Supplements that Actually Work

  • Optimizing Cardio For Fat Loss

  • My Unique Metabolic Training Techniques to Increase Fat Loss by 200-300%

  • Lifestyle Manipulation For Long-term Weight Mantainence

  • Dietary Adherence and Long-term Success

  • Metabolic Adaptations to Dieting and How to Counter Them

  • Secret Techniques to Boost your Metabolism Backed By Science

  • Optimizing Low Carb, Ketogenic, Intermittent Fasting Diets for Fat Loss

  • Stupid Diet and Fat Loss Myths Blunting Your Progress

  • Fat Loss Q&A

  • Free Copy of My 90 Day Bikini or 6 Week Spartan Shred Plan (RRP $99 – $199).

  • And Much, Much More…


Physique Competitors, Bikini/Fitness Competitors, Cover Models & Bodybuilders

Personal Trainers, Online Coaches, Prep Coaches, Sports Scientists and Nutritionists

Fitness Enthusiasts & Those Wishing to Transform Their Physique Using Advanced and Scientific Techniques

This One Weekend Will Provide You with all the Tools You Need to Transform Yours or Your Clients’ Physiques, in the Fastest, Safest and Most Efficient Way Possible



Rudy is a world renowned Hollywood Celebrity Trainer with nearly a decade’s experience in physique transformation. He has successfully coached over 500 personal clients, including NBA Athletes, Gold Medalists, Pro Bikini Athletes and Bodybuilders and World Record Holders.

Along with this, he has a 1st class Masters and Bachelors in Exercise & Nutrition Science, is a certified CISSN Sports Nutritionist and is a respected researcher in the fitness, supplement and nutrition scientific community.

Rudy also consults for the world’s leading fitness authorities and is a part-time scientific editor for, T-Nation, Authority Nutrition, Muscle & Strength, Kaged Muscle, IFBB Ben Pakulski, Mi40, Kris Gethin and many more…

You can now learn all of Rudy’s knowledge and research, condensed into a mind blowing weekend of research, science, practical application and fun!

Join Me & Other Like-Minded Individuals
on the 18th & 19th of March in Beautiful San Diego

Sign Up Now & Save BIG!


Your Ticket To The Science & Application Of Physique
Transformation Includes…

right Full Access To The Summit For 1 Individual In San Diego, CA On March 18th & 19th 2017
right 2 FULL DAYS Of Ground Breaking And Exclusive Content That Less Than 1% Of The Fitness Industry Will Ever Learn, Helping You And Your Clients Transform Your Physiques.
right A FREE Copy Of Rudy’s Famous 20 Week Scientific Mass And Either The 90 Day Bikini Transformation Plan Or 6 Week Spartan Shred (SAVING YOU Up To $598)
right Discount To Future Conferences, Online Training And Programs With Rudy Mawer.
right Early Morning Gym Session With Rudy And Other Attendees (Gym Guest Pass Price Not Included, It Will Be Around $10-15).
right Full And FREE Access To Over 200 Slides, Over 150 Research Studies And Video Recordings (RRP $199)
right FREE Action plans, guides and worksheets to go away and APPLY everything you’ve learnt! Remember, knowledge without action is POINTLESS. Unlike most courses and conferences, this will give you way more than knowledge which you never apply, it will give you done-for-you processes and worksheets you can immediately apply today!

An Amazing, FUN-FILLED Weekend That Will Literally
BLOW YOUR MIND With Knowledge And Science.

The Science & Application of Physique Transformation Summit 2017 with be held in the Beautiful city of San Diego, located downtown (specific venue to be confirmed nearer the time) by the bay.

I would highly recommend anyone into fitness or bodybuilding attends the course with Rudy, he is one of the most knowledgable people in the fitness industry and no matter your level you will learn a ton!
Chuck B,
CSCS Strength Coach, Personal Trainer
“With years of university research, hours spent with scientific literature, and experience working with hundreds of clients worldwide, Rudy is one of the most knowledgable and trustworthy guys that I have had the pleasure of working with in the fitness industry. His ability to synthesize his extensive knowledge into concise, comprehensive, and easy to follow guidelines puts his service a significant step above the other BS that is falsely (and dishonestly) sold in this industry.”
Luke K.
2016 WNBF Men’s Physique Champion & Pro Qualifier
I like to consider myself a knowledgeable person when it comes to fitness and nutrition, with that being said, I still continuously learn more while working with Rudy. Although Rudy has coached me through the better part of 2016 and will continue to, I would still attend his course, and would recommend it to anyone!
Breanne G.
Fitness Competitor
I have been working with Rudy for over a year and I have learned so much from him.
He knows the latest science with all things training and nutrition related and it doesn’t matter how much knowledge you already have, you will learn so much more from these 2 days! I can’t wait to sign up for the seminar and I definitely recommend anyone attends!

Vania B.
WBFF BIkini, Sponsored Athlete
Prep Coach & Personal Trainer
Being a personal trainer and nutrition specialist myself, I had gone through many coaches that just did not understand how to work with my body and my hormones, but when I reached out to Rudy that all changed. He has truly taught me more than Ive learned from any past coach and I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone and everyone regardless of fitness level.
Rachel N.
Personal Trainer & Model
Rudy has all the tools, experience and theory, to make anyone improve their physique, knowledge and become a better person. Everyone should try to be there at the 2 Day Camp (I’m traveling from Brazil) and change the way they approach their training and nutrition through learning from a dedicated, experienced and highly successful trainer!!
Julio B.
Personal Trainer


As much as I highly recommend you attend in person I don’t want location, expensive flights/hotels or poor timing
limit your ability to get access to all this great information.

I’m literally giving away all my knowledge and secrets I’ve learnt over a decade and it really is a special opportunity.

For that reason, I’m going to have all the sessions over the 2 days recorded, then, have them all edited and broken down
into sections & chapters. Plus, I’m going to give you ALL the free guides, programs and cheat sheets I discussed in the event.

This includes: Advanced Carb Cycling Manual, Menopause Mastery Guide, Menstrual Cycle Optimization, Scientific
HIIT Ultimate guide and more!

So, if you want to get access to all this for life, you can pre-purchase the video content and all the other information
right now for only $99, which will double to $199 after the summit.

Pre Purchase CD 01

Pre Purchase CD 02

Pre Purchase CD 03


Q: Why is the ticket price so low for such great and advanced information? What’s the catch?

A: NONE! If you spend a little time around my social platforms you will see I offer all my programs, packages and information for FREE or very low cost. I do not do this for the financial reward, I want to educate and empower everyone with the latest and greatest information, not fads or BS marketing. I want to share my passion, knowledge, research and experience to help improve the standards within the fitness industry and most importantly, help you achieve your goals in a safe, fast and effective manner!

Q: What if I purchase the ticket and can’t attend because of other commitments?

A: As stated above, you can transfer your ticket to another summit or event, or, use the credit towards a program, service or product on

Q: I’m not an advanced trainee, bodybuilder or personal trainer, will this be suitable?

A: Absolutely! You will jump forward 10, 20 or even 30 years in knowledge and cut out all the fake fads and BS, learning EXACTLY what you need to know and nothing else. Imagine wanting to start a social media business and getting to spend a weekend with Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook), imagine how far ahead you would be, simply be him condensing all his knowledge, experience and information into a single weekend!

Q: I already know what I’m doing and have trained for years, what will I learn?

A: Most of my clients make up advanced trainers, bodybuilders and elite athletes who believe they know everything. However, how do you know your knowledge and beliefs provide optimal results? Sure, you may have a great business and physique, but, could extra knowledge, a new perspective and the latest science that is year’s a head of the industry still benefit you? Sure it could and, if you really care about your body or level of knowledge, this is a course you don’t want to miss!

Q: How do I learn more about Rudy and his knowledge?

A: Head over to the Private Facebook Group, full of 1000s of people successfully using Rudy’s plans to transform their physique (ADD URL LINK TO PRIVATE FB GROUP: or visit

Q: I really want to attend but I’m busy on those dates or live too far away, what shall I do?

A: You can scroll down to the bottom and purchase the worksheets, cheat sheets and recordings in advance for only $99, which will go up to $199 after the conference.

Q: I will need to fly in and book a hotel, it’s going to be too expensive, what shall I do?

A: Even with flights and a hotel this conference is extremely cheap, with most of the leading experts within the fitness industry charging $600 – $1000 for a 2 day course. I deliberately offered it at such a low price to remove any financial barriers, if you book in advance, you can always turn it into a week-long vacation in one of the best states in the USA!

Q: What hotel should I book?

A: Any hotel in the downtown or nearby area will work, with taxi, public transport or apps such as UBER and LYFT making it very accessible. The specific venue will be confirmed nearer the time but it will be in the downtown area.

Q: Do you have any hotel discounts?

A: I will likely be able to arrange a hotel discount when I confirm the location, however, this will be confirmed around January 2017. I will also be generating a group or email list for attendees who are interested in sharing a hotel to reduce the expense.

Q: What time each day will the summit be at?

A: It will start at 9am on Saturday and 10am on Sunday (as there will be an option to workout with myself and other attendees in a gym before for anyone who wishes to attend). The days will run to around 5 or 6pm with short breaks after each session and a 1 hour lunch break.

Q: Will there be any social events for the weekend?

A: Yes, we will likely all train in a gym in the downtown area before the event on Sunday (location to be confirmed depending on numbers) and I will also be arranging a meal on the Saturday and Sunday night for a smaller group of attendees and personal clients (more info to come).

Join Me & Other Like-Minded Individuals
on the 18th & 19th of March in Beautiful San Diego

Sign Up Now & Save BIG!


*Please note refunds are not permitted as tickets are limited; however, you will be allowed to transfer your ticket to a future event (within 5 years) or use the credit to purchase a program or package from if you cannot attend and provide a minimum of 14 days’ notice before March 18th.