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Research Review: Water Reduces Calorie Intake and Hunger

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A common but still overlooked health tip is to simply drink more water.

This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone since we are made up of about 65% water, but what if drinking as little as 2 cups of water could have a significant impact on weight loss?

Studies have shown that drinking water before a meal can reduce hunger, improve satiety (fullness) and ultimately aid in weight loss.

This study was conducted on 24 overweight and obese adults age 60+ to determine how the consumption  of 16oz / 500ml of water taken 30 minutes before meal can effected subsequent calorie intake.


On average, the group that drank the water before their meal consumed 54 grams less food, which equated to 74 calories.

In other words, just by drinking water they consumed 13% less calories when compared to the group that did not drink water before the meal.

These findings were not affected with gender, body mass, age, or daily habits of drinking water.

This study in older individuals confirms findings of other previous studies conducted in non-obese younger individuals.

While you may not think 74 calories is noticeable or significant, look at it this way…

If this occurred at 2 meals per day (it could even occur at 3 or 4!), that would equal around 150 calories per day (148 to be exact). Now, if a pound of weight is roughly 3500 calories then, guess how much weight they would lose in 3 months.. just with this simple strategy?

90 days x 150 = 13,500 calories. This equals 4.5lb of fat in 3 months or 18lb in 1 year!

Not bad for simply drinking water right? Especially when combined with many other strategies and of course, the basics such as diet and exercise!

A final interesting fact about this study is that these conclusions were noted with only half of the daily recommended amount of water. So by drinking at least 500ml (2 cups) 30 minutes before every meal we will achieve two things: proper hydration and a lower daily caloric intake, both contributing to a healthier lifestyle.


Davy, B. M., Dennis, E. A., Dengo, A. L., Wilson, K. L., & Davy, K. P. (2008). Water consumption reduces energy intake at a breakfast meal in obese older adults. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 108(7), 1236-1239.

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