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Transform Your Body in 90 Days – A Step By Step Guide

If you’re ready to act now and transform your body in 90 days, then you’ve come to the right spot.

Over the past decade, I’ve researched every aspect of physique transformation, reading over 10,000 peer-reviewed articles and have successfully applied this to over 300,000 members around the world, along with personal clients including world gold medalists, NBA athletes, Hollywood Celebs and bikini models.

The result?

I’ve developed a scientifically backed regime that you won’t find anywhere else online, and today, I’m going to give you my proven blueprint on how to transform your body in 90 days!

Lock Down The Basics of Nutrition For The Whole 90 Days

As I’ve touched on in previous female specific nutrition article to ensure proper weight loss you must be consuming fewer calories than you burn – that’s pretty simple, yet most often overlooked.

For fast weight loss, calculate your bodyweight and multiply it by 10 or 11. For example, 150LB individual would need to consume around 1500 to 1650 calories.

Next, ensure you are eating plenty of protein. I’ve discussed how protein is key for body composition and fat loss; it has numerous benefits including protecting muscle, aiding in fat metabolism and reducing hunger hormones.

Aim for 30-40g of protein per meal; this should equate to around 130-200g of protein per day. Like with calories, you can base this on bodyweight and consume 1g per 1lb bodyweight (i.e. 150lb individual would have 150g).

Finally, I suggest you balance your carb to fat ratio on your activity levels, insulin sensitivity, hormones and overall carbohydrate tolerance. This is a more complex topic which I discuss in various places on the blog, you can also get my proven carb cycling 90-day diet plan here.

While total calorie consumption and the other basics such as protein intake are essential for weight loss, I will now share several more advanced nutrition tips that can help you transform your body in 90 days. Here’s an overview of a few.

Focus on Low Energy Dense Foods During the 90 Days

The hardest part of dieting is that typically when you restrict calories you struggle to feel full and so crave bad food. This makes the whole process harder, especially when it has to last a whole 90 days!

One easy way to combat this is by consuming low energy dense foods, which are also nutrient dense and promote fat loss. The density of a food is typically referred to as the number of calories per a given serving such as 100 grams. Another way to imagine it is the amount of calories per full plate of food.




Lower energy dense foods will allow you to eat more actual volume, increasing your level of satiety and enjoyment during the 90 days. Ultimately, who doesn’t want to eat more food, reduce hunger and cravings and generate more weight loss?! (1,2, 3).

Examples of low energy dense foods

  • Broccoli
  • Celery
  • Raspberries
  • Rice cakes
  • Carrots
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Tuna
  • Beans
  • Eggs

Examples of High energy dense foods 

  • Peanut butter
  • Bacon
  • Ice cream
  • Nuts
  • High fat cheeses
  • Cookies/most baked goods
  • Pasta
  • Sausage
  • Mayo
  • Tortilla chips

Increased Fiber Intake During the 90 Days

Another key nutrition tip when transforming your physique is to increase your fiber intake. Although it may not sound super sexy, it works very, very well. Dozens of studies have shown that high fiber diets can increase weight loss and even double it in some circumstances.

One other benefit is that fiber lowers the insulin response to carbohydrates and improves digestion. In addition, high fibrous foods are typically low energy dense foods which have other benefits discussed above.

Research has also shown that high fiber diets may increase feelings of fullness in a given meal; again, this makes you less likely to over eat or quit your diet during the 90 day transformation (4).

Finally, a high fiber diet feeds your gut and improves your healthy gut bacteria levels. I’ve discussed why your gut health is key in other blog posts, it actually lets you burn more body fat, reduces disease risk and improves how we utilize food for energy!

Examples of High fiber foods:

  • Beans/legumes,
  • Most vegetables,
  • Fruits, especially berries,
  • Whole grains,
  • Nuts & seeds,
  • Fiber supplements and protein bars.

Use Metabolic Resistance Training For Your 90 Day Transformation

Metabolic Resistance training is another key component in transforming your physique that 1000s of people have used successfully in my 90 Day Bikini Transformation plan.

Metabolic Resistance training increases muscle protein synthesis which leads to increased muscle growth, along with burning 200-300% more fat and boosting your metabolism for up to 48 hours (5,6)!

You can learn more about my unique Metabolic Resistance in the full blog post – in short, it is like circuit training combined with high intensity heavy weight training. You will basically perform lots of supersets, dropsets and other advanced methods to increase the workout density and torch body fat!

Along with utilizing Metabolic Resistance Training, you can further accelerate your results during the 90 Day Transformation with these advanced variables:

  • Progressive Overload: Progressive Overload states that, in order to continually respond to training, you have to provide either a new or greater stimulus. To apply this, ensure you always push yourself and add sets onto your lift or increase the weight (7).
  • Volume: Volume is one of the key drivers of muscle growth and is essentially the amount of work you performing in any given training session. To apply this principle of training, track your sets weights and reps each workout and make sure you’re adding on more volume over time (8)
  • Variation: Exercise variation is another key principle for muscle growth and eventually weight loss. In order to respond optimally to training you should vary your exercises as well as rep ranges, as this has been shown to create different muscle activation patterns and result in symmetrical muscle growth (9).

Add-In New Forms of Cardio – Advanced HIIT Training

For years, steady state cardio reigned supreme when it came to weight loss and physique transformation. Not anymore.

HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training) is now the next big thing and rightly so. HIIT is classified as periods of short bouts of intense training (6 seconds – 90 seconds) followed by long rest intervals lasting 2-3 minutes.

HIIT has been shown to increase fat oxidation by up to 200%, compared to steady state. It has also increased fat burning hormones by over 1000% (yes, 10x higher!!). Additionally, it helps retain, and in some cases can even add, lean muscle tone, which is normally lost when dieting or using steady state cardio (10)!

The 20 minute HIIT workouts in my 90 Day Bikini plan allow for rapid fat loss with short time commitments. This, combined with my Metabolic Resistance Training, is going to guarantee you a head-turning 90 Day transformation!

Try Carb & Calorie Cycling

Carb and Calorie Cycling are two advanced dieting techniques which make the head-turning results of my 90 Day Bikini Transformation so unique.

By utilizing these 2 advanced methods you can add carbs to your diet specifically when your body needs them for fuel, energy, recovery and to optimize your hormones. Calorie cycling is also key, helping protect you from metabolic damage that may occur, especially during an intense 90-day diet.

The best part is both strategies have been proven to aid in fat loss but also to allow more dietary flexibility and enjoyment. Why? Well, you get beneficial refeeds and carb loads, which can replace the typical cheat meals you would normally eat, and so not wreck your progress.

Optimizing both strategies can, however, be complex, since it’s a fine line between beneficial results and overspill or excessive fat storage, (something I break down in detail during my 90 Day Bikini plan) – if you want to learn more here  – this is an overview to give you an idea.

Carb Cycling:

  • Monday: Cardio – Low Carb
  • Tuesday: Arms –  Low Carb
  • Wednesday: Legs – High Carb
  • Thursday: Chest & Back – High Carb
  • Friday: HIIT – Low Carb
  • Saturday: Hamstring & Glutes – High Carb
  • Sunday: HIIT – High Carb

As you can see, the general idea is to pair lower carb periods with exercise sessions that utilize smaller muscle groups or are lower in intensity/duration.

Calorie Cycling:

Day 1-14: Lower calorie diet

Day 15,16,17: Increase calories by 35%

Day 18 – 30: Lower calorie Diet

Day 31, 32, 33: Increase calories by 35%
Repeat this cycle the 90 days

Again, while calorie cycling is a more complex method to actually optimize, you can see that the general idea is to apply some short higher calorie periods in between your dieting days or weeks in order to bump up your metabolism, hormones, increase recovery and reduce hunger!

Take These Research Proven Supplements for 90 Days

Once you have your nutrition, training and cardio in check you’re almost on your way to a complete physique transformation!

Supplements are the final piece to the puzzle that can aid in weight loss! However, it is important to emphasize that 95% of weight loss supplements don’t actually work, so stick with the proven ingredients below or elsewhere on my blog.

Here’s a list of some top, research proven supplements I use within my own 90 Day Bikini Transformation plan. I’ve cherry picked the best of the best, giving you enhanced fat loss without compromising your health or bank account!

Take Caffeine To Enhance Your 90 Day Transformation

Caffeine is usually the most abundant ingredient in many commercial fat loss products and for good reason as it’s an extremely effective fat burner.

In addition to increasing brain function, mood and energy levels, caffeine has been shown on multiple occasions to increase fat loss. One group of researchers demonstrated that, when taken pre-workout, caffeine spares muscle carb stores and increases fat oxidation during exercise (11).

Even in non-exercising conditions caffeine has been shown to increase energy expenditure at rest likely due to increased lactate and triglyceride production. It also reduces appetite, helping you reduce total calorie intake and cravings (12).

Whey Protein to Add Lean Muscle Tone

Whey protein is another great supplement to take during your physique transformation. When taken post workout whey protein has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis which aids in both muscle growth and recovery (13)!

In addition, whey protein can be taken as a meal replacement or when on the go. Recently, evidence supports that high protein diets are very safe and may increase weight loss as protein has been shown to increase thermogenesis (14).

Whey protein also has specific health compounds; it may help lower cholesterol and reduce elevated blood sugar levels (diabetes rick factor) and other related metabolic diseases.

Take around 1.5 scoops of whey protein before and/or after a workout. It can also be used as a meal replacement once per day to enhance fat loss and results during your 90 Day transformation.

Take Green Tea To Enhance Fat Loss During the 90 Day Transformation

Green tea is another top fat burning supplement that comes with a variety of health benefits.

Unlike most other fat burners, green tea is unique in the sense that it aids in fat loss through three independent mechanisms.

Firstly, green tea increases your metabolism, resulting in an increased amount of calories being burned daily. In addition, green tea also increases the proportion of fat you burn as fuel (15)! Finally, green tea also works to reduce your hunger and appetite, which can cause a massive boost in fat loss if it helps you reduce your total daily calorie intake.

For those looking to limit their caffeine or stimulant consumption green tea is an alternative. If you really want to take it to the next level, one of my favorite fat burning stacks is the combo green tea combined with caffeine taken twice per day.

Probiotics For Fat Loss & Gut Health 

Probiotics are the new buzz word in the fitness industry with everyone talking about them, and taking them for good reason!

Supplementing with probiotics has been shown to improve the ratio between your good gut bacteria and harmful gut bacteria. If you browse around my site, you’ll see why gut health is such a big deal!

In short, optimizing this balance between your good and bad gut bacteria results in a cascade of health benefits including decreased anxiety, increased digestive health and even weight loss!

Although there are dozens of research trials, one study examined the effects of a probiotic on visceral fat and noted an 8.5% decrease after 12 weeks of supplementation!! (16).
When buying a probiotic, you must find a high strength one which provides 15 billion live bacteria per day, along with the top 2-3 research proven strains.

Fish Oil / Omega 3 Supplement During Your 90 Day Transformation

The final supplement to aid in your body transformation efforts is fish oil or omega 3s.

Fish oil has been studied extensively for various health benefits including decreasing inflammation, increased fat loss, blood sugar control and even reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Recently, one study had participants supplement with fish oil for 3 weeks and noted an increase in fat oxidation and decrease in fat mass (17)!

For fat loss, researchers theorize these effects are due to the fish oil’s ability to increase our own body’s ability to burn fat instead of storing it, impressive, right?

As shown above, fish oil is mainly a health supplement but also may also enhance your physique via several pathways. Try taking around 3-5g per day but ensure it is high in EPA/DHA (600mg + per 1 gram), two specific fatty acids that provide most of the benefits.

Transform Your Physique in 90 Days

Transforming your body is a very complex process; however, I’ve given you a basic overview of all the key tools you will want to master to transform.

Utilizing these advanced scientific techniques discussed above will allow for both a fast but also safe and sustainable transformation, something I repeatedly emphasize during the world famous 90 Day Bikini plan.

If you want my proven 90 day blueprint (some of what’s included is discussed above, plus A LOT more besides), with a full support group, personal help from me and full money back guarantee, you can claim this coupon below to save 85%.



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