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Rudy Mawer Critical Updates & April Newsletter


Welcome to the first of many weekly roundups, sharing important updates, new content, motivating transformations and more with you, our valued members of the Rudy Mawer community!


“What can I say other than this program is amazing!!! Thank you Rudy and everyone on this page for giving me motivation to keep going. Everyone please don’t give up on yourselves! I was able to keep going even when I moved three times!!”



After a busy first quarter working on the new Rudy Mawer Membership site we are now live and kicking. The feedback has been amazing and we are now sending hundreds of members around the world their own physical workout booklets and science reviews each and every month.

If you somehow missed the launch of the new membership site, or if you didn’t get chance to sign up on the new launch, we are now offering a FREE full 7 day trial for members. You can access that right here: https://www.members.rudymawer.com


This wasn’t due to go live for 1-2 more weeks, but if you’ve taken the time to read this new newsletter I wanted to make it worth your while and let you know about this, before we launch it officially.

I’ve been working on crafting an ultimate VIP package for current Rudy Mawer members which, until now, I reserved exclusively for my 1-1 in personal coaching clients, such as Hollywood Celebs and Elite athletes who were paying in excess of $1000 per month.

This is literally the first time I’m ever sharing this online and it contains my most secret protocols ever, specifically including my 48 hour kick start protocol that I used with Hollywood Celebs, cover models, bikini competitors and anyone else needing visible changes and fat loss in just 48 hours.

Along with my secret 48 hour protocol, I’ve included two hormone optimizing guides, covering two critical hormones that are probably slowing your progress: Thyroid & Estrogen. In these optimization guides, I teach you how to naturally improve these hormones to lose more fat, have more energy and improve your overall health.

There’s a bunch of other VIP content too, such as a 5 minute ab protocol, 5 minute fat burning smoothies and tons of other recipes.

I’ll let you read all about it if you wish and grab your copy a couple of weeks early. You can also use the code NEWS50 to save 50% off the current listed price 😉



Along with the new membership site going live, after months of hard work, I’m super excited to be bringing you a series of new content, plans and books over the coming months. As always, I’m continually trying to provide you with advanced scientific techniques and protocols you won’t find ANYWHERE else online.

Recently, I’ve been busy developing two new physical books that will go live to members very soon for pre-order, with the first one called “Hormone Optimizing Blueprint” and the second being a “Female Transformation Bible”.

Both of these will dive into all the key strategies and science around optimizing hormones naturally (without medication) and the second breaking down all the fundamentals of female fitness, fat loss, hormones, dieting & more.

Stay tuned, there’ll be more updates on that, and how you can pre-order your limited copy, coming soon!

P.S. If you want to purchase these or get a heads up before anyone else, email me now and i’ll remember to personally reach out to you before they go live for pre-order so you are guaranteed a copy.



This week’s special offer is my Booty Specialization Plan, giving you 15 advanced glute, leg and booty workouts that you can slot right into your 90 day bikini plan or any other workout plan you are using. These all use advanced workout techniques you won’t find in my other plans and focus specifically on toning and improving your glutes!

Normally it sells for $49 but today you can get it for a one-time payment of $12.95, that’s 86 cents a workout: https://www.rudymawer.com/get-glute/

About the author

Rudy Mawer, MSc, CISSN

Rudy has a 1st class BSc in Exercise, Nutrition & Health and a Masters in Exercise & Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa. Rudy currently works as a Human Performance Researcher, Sports Nutritionist and Physique Coach. Over 7 years he has helped over 500 people around the world achieve long last physique transformations.

He now works closely with a variety of professional athletes and teams, including the NBA, USA Athletics, World Triathlon Gold Medalists, Hollywood Celebrities and IFBB Pro Bodybuilders. If you would like to get in contact or work with Rudy please contact him on social media.

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