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How to Exercise Around the Menopause to Achieve Your Fitness & Physique Goals (Evidence Based)

The changes during Menopause can cause issues for those trying to lose weight, improve strength or achieve their physique goals.

From such diverse issues as a decrease in your metabolism and hormones to increased injury risk, fat storage and cravings, it’s no surprise that many women in their 40s or 50s really struggle to achieve or maintain the same physique or results that they did in their 30s.

Luckily, I’ve performed some of the most in-depth menopause research on the planet and have applied and condensed it into a proven plan for tens of thousands of people in my 90 Day Bikini Transformation Challenge. Along with this, I’ve broken down the science for top platforms such as Oxygen Magazine and also consulted for other leading fitness professionals such as Natalie Jill and more.

If you’re struggling with the menopause, this site and my information is for you. In this article, I’ll review the issues, breakdown the science and leave with you with some usable strategies on how to conquer the menopause! Here we go…

How Much Harder Is It As We Age & Go Through Menopause?

Menopause research suggests a steady increase in body weight, which can vary from 1 to 10lb or more per year depending on the individual!

While you may be at a slight disadvantage compared to your younger 20-something counterpart, it’s also important to note there is still hope and, by using these advanced strategies, you CAN counter the menopause and reach your goals.

Now we’ve clarified that, here are some of the changes that occur during menopause:

  • Increased cravings,
  • Increased binge eating or portion size control issues,
  • Decrease in daily activity, which can lower your metabolism and energy expenditure,
  • Decrease in the amount and intensity of exercise you perform, further decreasing your metabolic rate and energy expenditure,
  • Natural decline in your metabolic rate, which determines how many calories you burn before even getting out of bed each day,
  • Decrease in sleep quality and duration, primarily because of lifestyle issues which can affect a host of factors such as insulin sensitivity, fat burning, weight gain, hunger and more.

Changes in Hormones During Menopause

Along with these metabolic adaptations listed above, other shifts in hormones and particularly estrogen can lead to a change in how you store fat.

For example, Visceral Fat, which surrounds your internal organs can increase the risk of developing serious health issues such as heart disease.

Post menopause, these hormonal changes may actually lead to more visceral fat being stored in women, along with a noticeable amount of storage in the stomach area.

Along with changes in estrogen, other hormones such as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHGB) can increase which leads to altered fat storage and other health issues, such as reduced carbohydrate tolerance and therefore negatively impaired blood sugar levels.

If you don’t already know, impaired carbohydrate tolerance and blood sugar issues (known as insulin resistance) can make it much harder for you to improve your physique and are also closely linked to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and even certain cancers.

Decreased Bone Health & Density During Menopause

Another key issue you should be aware of is the decrease in estrogen and its effects on your bone health or bone density.

As you likely know, there is an association with bone health/strength and fracture risk as we age; this is in part explained by the changes after menopause.

This occurs because special cells in the body known as osteoblasts, which function to create new bone, down regulate or are reduced. In other words, you have fewer workers to keep the house (your bones) healthy.

As you will see below, this change in bone health further emphasizes the need for exercise, particularly heavy resistance training which promotes bone health and strength. In addition, it also requires a more advanced and tailored supplement regime, to combat these unique alterations with occur during menopause.



How To Conquer The Menopause With The Latest Science & My Advanced Strategies!

These changes may sound like you are doomed to fail, but you can still take action and achieve your goals if you apply my advanced methods.

Remember, it’s very easy to blame AGE or the menopause, but it’s probably not the only or MAIN reason you aren’t rocking your dream body at this point in time.

In fact, the most common reason is likely because you are on the wrong plan, wrong diet, following the wrong advice, not following the specific points discussed below or, most common of all, simply inconsistent with your diet and exercise regime!

With that being said, here’s an overview of the key principles you must now implement to overcome them…

Metabolic Resistance Training To Counter Menopause

My unique metabolic resistance training workouts have been used successfully by 1000s of clients and members of the 90 Day Bikini Transformation Program.

They work! –  And are perfect for those going through the menopause or those postmenopause. When I go through the benefits below, try to remember the issues menopause causes; you will see they actually help counter most of them, making them a clear and perfect choice…

Metabolism Boosting: They dramatically increase your metabolism (known as the afterburn), helping counter the down regulation discussed above, which puts you back on an even scale with someone pre-menopause!

Burn 200-300% More Calories: They burn 200-300% more calories.
Based on test results with clients and research studies, a typical hour’s workout using my advanced technique can burn 2-3 times more calories than you would normally burn!

Increased Bone Strength: These workouts use heavy weights which are proven to strengthen bones, overall body density and even quality of life; again, combatting one of the issues of menopause discussed above.

Improved Fitness: As these workouts are metabolic, you get a unique combination of both aerobic (the main energy system at rest and for cardio work, such as running) and anaerobic (the main energy system for short high intensity such as sprints, walking up stairs and weight lifting). While health may have been less of a priority when you were 20, it’s vitally important now to stay active, disease free and ultimately, live longer while remaining more active and capable.

Increases Insulin Sensitivity: As discussed, menopause can cause impaired carbohydrate and blood sugar function. Not only does this mean you can eat fewer carbs (bye-bye cake, candy and pretty much everything else that is tasty!), it also means you will store more fat, have less dieting flexibility and impaired health /increased disease risk!  However, by using these metabolic workouts you will not only torch fat and burn more calories, you will also boost your insulin function, carbohydrate metabolism specific receptors such as GLUT4 which pull the carbohydrates into the muscle cell for fuel and energy!

Lean & Toned Physique: Because of my advanced programming methods and changes in rep ranges, workout techniques and specific exercise selection, you will tone up and get a lean and athletic physique. The best part of my advanced metabolic resistance training protocol is that it is specifically designed for women who want to drop fat while toning up, without getting overly muscular or “bulky”.

In summary, my Metabolic Resistance Training is the perfect combo to counter menopause – I’ve tailored it over a decade to do so and you can see more before/after photos or testimonials from members using it here: http://www.rudymawer.com/90-day-bikini/

Apply & Transform With My Proven Menopause Plan

I’ve given you the secret tools you need to master your body, hormones and the menopause. Using these methods, the results are pretty much guaranteed; all you’ve got to do now is trust the process and take action.

By staying consistent, even for 90 days, you can rapidly transform your physique like many of my clients and members have.

If you do want all of my best Metabolic Resistance Training Workouts condensed into a 90 day Menopause plan, complete with 7 day meal plans, supplement protocols and much more, I’ve reduced it by over 80% for those reading this blog post!

belly fat

Not only will you get a proven blueprint and direct support from me to guide you along the way, you will also get support and motivation from over 30,000 members in the Private FB Group who are on exactly the same mission and plan!

Whichever route you take, I’m here to support you and am excited to see how my advanced strategies work for you! I hope you enjoyed the blog post and start applying the strategies immediately! If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends!

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Rudy Mawer, MS

Rudy has a 1st class MS and BSc in Exercise & Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa. Rudy has worked as a Human Performance Researcher, Sports Nutritionist and Physique Coach for Hollywood Celebs, Elite Athletes, Gold Medalists and over 1000+ personal clients.

Over the last decade, Rudy has created the worlds leading female physique transformation plan and is an international fitness celebrity, with over 500,000 followers and over 100,000 transforming their physique and health on his scientific plans!