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10 Ways To Lose Weight Without The Gym

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Going to the gym, day in day out, can sometimes get the better of you, even if you are a dedicated trainer… being confined within those walls, looking at the same people, the same equipment, completing the same workouts.

Eventually, you’ll need a bit of a change to keep things fresh and interesting, while getting out of your comfort zone.

Often more so for a woman, going to the gym can sometimes be intimidating and hardly inviting, so can discourage you from being out in the open, lifting with all of the regulars. However, it really is a problem many of us have and so it is encouraging to find different ways to get into the shape we all so desire.

To come in this article, I’ll be discussing 10 ways that you can get fit without using the weight room. If you’ve been looking for other ways to exercise, this is the source.

Go For a Walk

The first suggestion is also the most obvious, yet one that many of us don’t utilize anywhere near often enough. Simply going for periodic walks throughout the day can be extremely useful for burning extra calories throughout the day, with minimal effort.

In fact, by using a step tracker and setting a goal to hit, you could be walking 3-4 extra miles per day, which can equate to a significant amount of calories burned.

I suggest picking a step goal of at least 10 thousand steps per day, then increasing that amount once you can regularly hit it.

Go For a Swim

Swimming is an activity that many overlook, yet is one that can be quite valuable for losing weight. If you think it isn’t, simply attempt to complete a full lap of an Olympic pool without stopping. Chances are, if you are not already a regular swimmer, you’ll struggle.

Swimming is unique in that it’s very demanding in terms of cardiovascular exercise, yet adds resistance, due to the water.

Swimming may be technically difficult yet is very low impact meaning you can get a great workout without negatively impacting joints and putting unnecessary stress on muscle. I suggest completing a few Olympic length laps and then increasing as necessary.

Go On a Hike (With Friends)

Hiking is easily one of my favorite pastimes due to the ability to be out in nature, seeing new terrain while inadvertently getting a great workout. Combine that with other friends in the same situation and you have a great, active day on your hands.

Hiking is different because it allows you to add a special flair to your walking. Maneuvering around roots and boulders while walking on a steep incline, hiking is a great way to increase calorie burn while focusing on maintaining balance which also helps with core strength.

I suggest finding a local trail that you’ve never experienced and see if you can finish it. After a couple outings, try to complete more challenging trails.

Ride Your Bike

Riding a bike is a simple suggestion, yet much like the others is often underutilized.

Bike riding not only provides you with a healthy transport alternative, (for you and the environment), but it can also result in a significant amount of calories burned. Not to mention, if you approach any hills, you can sprint up them to simulate a HIIT workout.

I suggest picking an amount of time ranging from 30 minutes to an hour and seeing the distance you can cover. Each time you go biking again, increase the time and find more challenging routes.

Dance It Off

Dancing is a simple and fun way to burn off some extra calories.

So much so that many gyms offer variety classes such as zumba and cardio dance parties to allow members to have fun while still getting in a fantastic workout.

Surely you can dance on your own, but also consider that many gyms offer specialized classes that utilize dance as a form of exercise. Despite being at the gym, it’s safe to say this is a bit different.

Use a Standing Desk

One of my personal favorite suggestions on this list is to use a standing desk.

Consider for a moment the amount of time that you spend sitting, burning minimal amounts of calories. Then consider how many calories per day you’d burn if you stood instead for a couple hours.

Add those calories up over the course of a month and you could be creating a serious calorie deficit, resulting in weight loss.

I suggest looking into specialty desks that rise and fall on command. If you can’t afford that or are just looking to test the waters, consider using a large cardboard box, placed on a countertop.

Try Density Exercise

Just because it’s not at the gym doesn’t mean it won’t work. Using density training for bodyweight exercise is easily the most effective style of exercise, outside of the gym.

To use this style, pick an exercise such as body weight squats. Pick a time like 1 minute and then see how many reps you can complete in that minute. Once complete, repeat and attempt to increase reps in the same amount of time.

This technique allows for constant progress and calorie burn, even without using weight. If you want to exercise but loathe the gym, this is the best option.

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Try Yoga

Yoga is a form of stretching and exercise that is typically popular.

Surely, yoga won’t provide the same calorie burn as resistance training or true cardio, but don’t let that fool you. Yoga can be extremely tough and can result in some serious calorie burn.

Additionally, yoga is exceptional at teaching you how to move your body and understand how each muscle functions. Practicing yoga can be quite beneficial, especially for resistance training.

I suggest searching on YouTube for Yoga postures and routines and when you’re ready, consider taking a full-length class with an instructor.

Go Shopping

One of the more surprising suggestions on this list, going to the mall and shopping for hours on end, might actually help you lose some weight.

Consider the amount of walking that you do when you go to a mall. Multiple floors, hundreds of stores; the amount of walking you’ll be able to accomplish at a mall is quite astounding. So much so that many elderly individuals travel to malls specifically to walk!

I suggest going to the mall and walking to as many stores as possible. When presented with the option, take the stairs as well.

Increase NEAT

The acronym NEAT, (standing for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), describes different calorie-burning activities that aren’t strictly exercise.

Activities in this category would be such as walking, taking the stairs, walking the dog, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, and even chewing gum.

These regular activities of daily life, despite being in the back of our minds, actually require calories to be burned. Finding ways to maximize this burn can equate to a significant amount of calories burned.

I suggest finding all of your NEAT activities and exploring ways to make them more difficult. If you normally park close, park far away and walk. If you normally take the elevator, take the stairs. If you normally ride your mower, buy a walking one.

Maximizing these activities may lead to serious calorie burn, over the course of weeks and months.

10 Ways To Lose Weight Without The Gym

As you can tell, you aren’t absolutely required to use the gym in order to lose weight. Fortunately, there are many other ways to be physically active and burn the necessary amount of calories for weight loss.

Using these suggestions may allow for significant additional calorie burn, expediting your weight loss efforts.

types of exercise

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