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The Amazing Benefits of HIIT – Learn 1000 Hours of Research In a 10 Minute Blog

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I’ve researched HIIT first hand in the lab, while testing it with 100s of clients – the results are nothing short of astounding.

You may often hear how amazing HIIT is, but, have you ever really taken a look at all the impressive research?

No? Well I don’t blame you, there are over 100 research trials and a ton of complex biological changes that occur.

But if you’re interested in all the benefits, today is your lucky day.

I spent over a week scanning 150+ research journals, giving you what is possibly the most comprehensive summary of HIIT.

Here are both the short and long-term benefits that HIIT provides, condensing 1000 + hours of research into a 10 minute article (thank me later!)…



Increased Catecholamine Release (Fat Burning Hormones) – Gratas-Delmarche et al. (1994)

630% increase in Epinephrine and 1450% increase in Norepinephrine (the 2 main fat burning hormones) – Bracken et al. (2009)

450% increase in GH levels (another fat burning and muscle building hormone) – Stokes et al. (2002)

Greater rise in Growth Hormone Levels compared to aerobic exercise – Neville et al. (1997)

Increased Lactate Levels (which means you burn a ton of carbohydrates and fat) – Trapp et al. (2008)

Increased AMPK (“Master Enzyme”) Activation (a key enzyme that basically transforms your health and performance, they are even trying to make it into an anti-obesity drug! – Gibala et al. (2009)

Increased PGC1a Transcription (A transcription co-regulator that plays a key role in mitochondria biogenesis – Similar to AMPK above, this basically regulates all your cells and makes you superhuman) – Little et al. (2010)

Increased Citrase Synthase (marker of fat burning ability),  β-HAD (catalyses a rate-limiting enzyme step in fat oxidation, meaning you can burn more fat) and Cytochrome Oxidase activity – Talanian et al. (2007)

Increased Phosphofructokinase Levels (Which is a rate limiting enzyme in glycolysis, the ability to produce fuel for high intensity exercise) – Tremblay et al. (1994)

Reduced Food intake, Appetite and Hunger, Possibly through corticotropin releasing factor (CRF), a potent anorectic peptide and/or exercise induced redistribution of splanchnic blood flow – Bilski et al. (2009)

Increased Glycerol Levels, a marker of Your Fat Burning Ability – Trapp et al. (2007)


So, now you’ve seen all the amazing benefits and adaptations that occur from just a few intervals, here are the long-term changes that happen in your body. Most studies last about 2 weeks or longer, so, these adaptations can occur from just 4 workouts or 2 weeks of HIIT!



Improved Aerobic Capacity and Performance (You are faster, stronger and more powerful)  – Little et al. (2010)

Improved Anaerobic Endurance (You can exercise or run for longer at the same pace) – Bergomaster et al. (2006)

Increased VO2 Max (the main marker of fitness, the higher the VO2 the fitter and healthier you are!) – Whyte et al. (2010)

Improved Cardiac Output (Your heart and lungs ability to pump out blood and oxygen round the body, key for health) – Helgerud et al. (2007)

Decreased Waist Circumference & Belly Fat (Key for long-term health and linked to disease) – Tjonna et al. (2008)

Greater Fat Loss compared to 200 or 300% more cardio!! – Trapp et al. (2008)

Decreased Subcutaneous Fat (The fat under the skin and in the legs, hips and bum) – Mourier et al. (1997)

Decreased Abdominal / Trunk Fat (lower belly fat that is linked to heart disease) – Boudou et al. (2003)

Increased Insulin Sensitivity (up to 58% improvement in only 8 weeks, which is some of the most drastic changes ever seen in research!) – Boudou et al. (2003)

Increased FFM (Muscle Mass) helping you become stronger and more toned, rather than burning muscle with most normal cardio workouts! – Boudou et al. (2003)

Improved ability to oxidise fat and a lower Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER). Helping you burn more fat during every minute of the day, even when you sleep! – Talanian et al. (2007)

Increased Mitochondria Biogenesis (the power house and engine or your cell used to burn energy and linked to life expectancy, aging and your overall health) – Bergomaster et al. (2006)

HIIT is so impressive that I’ve used it for rapid transformations with Hollywood Celebs, Elite Athletes and Pro Bodybuilders.

If you’re not doing HIIT right now, then you should – it will totally transform your health, fitness, training and results.

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Rudy Mawer, MSc, CISSN

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He now works closely with a variety of professional athletes and teams, including the NBA, USA Athletics, World Triathlon Gold Medalists, Hollywood Celebrities and IFBB Pro Bodybuilders. If you would like to get in contact or work with Rudy please contact him on social media.

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