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Exact Method for Rapid, Long-term Weight Loss Success – Calorie Cycling / Refeeds

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Very few people achieve long-term weight loss success. In fact, there’s a 90% chance you will regain the weight loss from your last diet…

If you are reading this blog you can probably relate. While you may blame yourself, it’s not entirely your fault.

You see, there are powerful hormonal and metabolic alterations witnessed during a diet which will make it almost impossible to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF! If you aren’t using calorie cycling, carb cycling and strategic refeeds your chances of long-term weight loss success are slim.

In short, your body will do everything in its power to maintain your current weight … after all, your body is a survival machine.

In this blog, I’m going to break down this massive (but relatively unknown issue), know as metabolic adaptations. Best of all, I’m going to give you my advanced research proven strategies that are 10 years ahead of the weight loss industry! Here we go…

The Current Approach to Dieting Makes Long-term Weight Loss Impossible

I’ve worked with 1000s of clients, who, when they first introduce themselves to me, are often depressed and, in some cases, they have even developed borderline eating disorders. Some may even have been on a virtually dangerously low daily calorie reduction for several months on end.

Trapped in vicious yo-yo dieting cycles, they may lose the weight but ALWAYS regain that weight, (if not more), post diet.

After this has occurred several times, it’s no wonder they are frustrated, demotivated and depressed. Losing weight and improving fitness should be a positive and life-changing experience. Don’t get me wrong, for some it is and I’m so happy when someone gets it right; however, this only occurs about 10% of the time!

Thinking logically, we SHOULD have solutions in place to make it easier to maintain the weight AFTER we lose it.

I mean, we can fly to the moon and cure most serious diseases, but we still can’t lose 20lbs of fat and keep it off!

Obesity is now one of the most deadly and serious diseases known to man. While the incidence and death rate of pretty much ALL other diseases is being REDUCED, obesity rates are constantly INCREASING!

This is because most physique transformation and weight loss plans fail to address the most fundamental factor which will eventually cause diets to fail (which you may have experienced before).

The primary issue is the aggressive hormonal weight regain cycle that TYPICAL diets set you into. It’s not your fault that you fail … it’s your body’s natural reaction to survive.

I’ve written about this many times, with research showing that your body does EVERYTHING possible to regain the weight.

Your Body Wants You To Fail Your Diet (Metabolic & Hormone Damage After a Diet)

In short, your body wants you to fail, since it senses fat loss as starvation and therefore ultimately death (think back centuries ago, when food scarcity would lead to death. Your body doesn’t know you are dieting in the 21st century because you want a six pack and can access food whenever you need it!).

Think about it logically, your body doesn’t understand why you need ripped up abdominals and a low body fat.

Years ago, you would be the FIRST person to die when food was limited during winter and when cold, snowy conditions caused hyperthermia (remember, a key function of body fat is hormone production, organ protection and insulation).

To the body, dieting pretty much equals illness, weakness and increased risk of death.

I’ll say that again…

To the body and brain = starvation, illness and long-term, death.

Metabolic Adaptations & Damage After Weight Loss

Combined, these alterations will make it very hard and almost impossible to lose weight and keep it off in the long term:

1. Decreased Metabolism: A down regulation in thyroid hormone and metabolic rate (you burn less calories, meaning you can never eat MORE food and must now eat fewer calories forever!).

2. Increased Hunger Hormones: An increase in the key hunger hormone Ghrelin which sends signals to your brain to eat more and increases hunger (in other words, your body will actually want you to eat more and regain the weight).

3. Decrease Weight Controlling Hormones: A decrease in the satiety hormone Leptin. In contrast to ghrelin, leptin helps you regulate your weight, tells you when to stop eating and limits calorie intake.

In other words, this decrease causes your body to lose control of food intake – have you ever binged and ate till you felt sick post diet? This is partly why! Your body will continue to overeat until you’ve regained all the weight you lost, if not more!

4. Entering Power Saving Mode: Your body will become more efficient at saving energy or calories. You will burn less doing exactly the same everyday activities. This includes burning less doing the EXACT same workout, same cardio session etc! Known as “Adaptive Thermogenesis”, this means that, even if you keep reducing calories, your body will simply match you and stop you losing more weight.

5. Anabolic Hormones: Your key hormones such as testosterone and oestrogen will go out of whack and down regulate. In males, this can lead to deficient testosterone levels, linked to muscle loss, fat storage and serious diseases. For females, this often leads to the loss of monthly periods and alterations to the menstrual cycle. Regardless of gender, you will become weaker, performance in the gym will decrease and you will have a harder time losing fat and toning up or adding strength – which is the main goal right?

6. Increase Fat Storage: As discussed, these ALL combine to put you in PRIME fat storage mode. Ever wondered how people spend 20 weeks dieting and regain it in a 4 – 6 week binge or “bulking” phase after the diet? In theory, if the body was staying neutral, it should take about the same time to regain the weight as it does to lose. This is rarely the case, some research has even noticed that your gut bacteria alters to harvest more energy and calories (food) into the fat stores!!

For most, this a lightbulb moment, realizing why they can’t lose fat despite being on super low calories AND doing hours of exercise per week!

Your Body Will Win Everytime (Unless You Use My Advanced Techniques)

It’s not your fault that you regain the weight after every diet.

Your body and brain is smarter than you and after all, it is ultimately in control of all your hormones and food intake – don’t try and fight it.. you will lose 90% of the time.

I always tell people to imagine a laptop going into power saving mode, this is exactly what your body does.. down regulates everything to match energy intake!

Some people think it’s simple, they can just keep reducing calories and exercising more (I wish, my job were quite so simple!)…

Not so fast! If you’ve ever been on a diet you will know, first-hand, that it is not a simple and smooth line from point A to B.

If you keep taking calories down, what does your body do? Decreases your output and energy expenditure to match this.

Increase exercise to burn more calories and what does your body do? It reduces the amount of energy you burn in that exercise session and even burns fewer calories throughout the day, meaning your total daily energy expenditure equals the SAME!!

In one study by Rosenkilde et al., (2012), they measured 30 vs 60 minutes of exercise in two groups and its effects on weight loss. They too found that the body adapts to the stimulus and over 13 weeks they found NO difference between the two groups. This is despite one group doing HOURS and HOURS more cardio.

Don’t kick yourself, few people (even some top “coaches”, “personal trainers” or “obesity experts”) are AWARE that it happens… let alone have any idea how to fix it!

How to Achieve Long-term Weight Loss Success With My Advanced Methods

I’ve dedicated the last decade of my career researching and testing the best way to achieve long-term weight loss success. After realizing how hard it was to lose weight and keep it off, when following all the typical dieting guidelines, I knew there must be a better way.

Just look at the statistics: in one study they found over 66% of people who lose weight will regain the weight, 33% of which will regain MORE than they lost!!

That’s why the whole 90 Day Bikini Transformation Plan and my 1:1 coaching practices help you drop fat fast, but do it in a sustainable and healthy manner to help you KEEP the weight off forever, without trashing your metabolism or hormones.

I’ve used this, with great success, in my coaching for years and more recently, 1000s of people have succeeded by applying these techniques to their diet during the 90 Day Bikini Transformation Plan.

I’ve crafted the refeed and calorie cycling techniques in this plan after years of research and testing. In certain instances, it’s even based around the menstrual cycle to optimize carbohydrate utilization and insulin sensitivity.

Creating this program was one of the best personal decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve now helped thousands of people lose fat and keep it off successfully, which was the whole reason I went into this industry.

This is the first research backed and long-term way to use calorie shifting and strategic refeeds to transform your physique. By doing so, you will know you are doing EVERYTHING possible to protect your hormones and put you in the strongest possible position post diet to keep the weight off (and be happy!).

Research On Calorie Shifting For Ultimate Dieting Success

Still not convinced? Just take a look at these research studies which actually try to address the issue. They ALL find overwhelming benefits on weight loss, hormones and long-term weight loss success!!

Study 1 – Metabolic Down Regulations During A Diet

Here is one study by Doucet et al. (2001) who investigated a 15 week weight loss diet in
obese men and women.

long-term weight loss success

By week 8, resting energy expenditure had dropped by a further 230 calories compared to what the researchers predicted based on body weight changes (Adaptive Thermogenesis).

As mentioned, your body makes further down regulations in metabolism, beyond the typical changes you would expect from losing mass or weight. This shows that your body not only burns less because you weigh less, it even burns less for normal activities.

Consider 230 calories per day, this is a VERY large amount, it basically means you must survive on 10 – 15% fewer calories forever. Research has shown obesity occurs because people overeat by only 50 – 100 calories per day, as you can see, it does not take much to cause large amounts of weight regain.

Study 2 – Combating These Issues With Regular Refeeds

Another study by Muller et al. (2015) looked at the effect of overfeeding and dieting on body composition and a large variety of hormones / blood parameters.

long-term weight loss success

In this slide it shows AT (Adapted Thermogenesis – drop in maintenance calories) during a 1 week overfeeding (OF), 3 weeks in a 50% caloric deficit (CR1, 2 & 3) and finally RF which was a further one week overfeeding.

As you can see from the black bars, their metabolism drastically reduced after week 1, 2 and 3 of the diet. As shown in other studies, this can continue over time and gets worse the longer you diet.

For example, one long-term study in obese individuals showed up to a 500 calorie difference, even after accounting for the changes in Adaptive Thermogenesis  (fat mass and fat free mass!) (Knuth et al., 2014; Johannsen 2012).

In this study above, you can see a 1 week refeed drastically increased their metabolism. Not only did it get it back to normal, it actually increased it further (white bar on the far right, labelled RF).

Other studies have supported these findings. This study by Friedl et al. (2000) investigated the hormonal adaptations to a severe diet and the effects of a refeed. Participants were placed in a severe deficit (1000-1200 calories) and placed on an 8 week army US Ranger Course.

Firstly, this study continues to support that chronic dieting and extreme stressors, like those experienced in some individuals’ contest prep or fitness based diets causes serious and rapid declines in metabolism and hormones.

Importantly, this study further highlighted the drastic reductions in thyroid T3 (metabolism), IGF-1, Testosterone and increased Cholesterol. As you can see in the graph, testosterone levels rapidly declined from around 18 nmol/L (fairly high) at baseline to below “low” levels!

However, the good news is that when following a 1 week refeed, even with continuation of the other stressors (exercise, restricted sleep etc.), it produced prompt recovery of Metabolism (T3), Testosterone, and IGF-I levels.

Study 3 – Succeed By Cycling Calories, The Icing On The Cake

In this final study, they actually compared the dieting method I use and recommend against normal chronic dieting.

Davoodi et al. (2014) recruited obese women (BMI: 33) and split them into 2 groups, both groups had the same diet / macros.  The only difference was the calorie cycling group (CCG) followed an 11 day deficit followed by 3 days at ad-libitum (at pleasure: no set calories / macros / food).


This was repeated for 3 cycles (6 weeks total) followed by a 4 week maintenance period. The typical dieting group continuously dieted on a daily basis (TD).
Although both groups lost weight, the calorie cycling group lose more weight despite having 9 out of 42 days off as refeeds!!

Let’s spell this out: the participants using the same calorie shifting techniques that I use during the 90 Day Bikini Plan lost MORE weight than those on a typical diet, while eating MORE FOOD and protecting their metabolism and hormones in the process!

Furthermore, the weight regain was around 50% higher for the normal dieting group when compared to the calorie cycling group!

What’s more, the participants in the cyclic diet group also reported greater satiety (feeling of fullness) and less hunger than the typical dieting group, a key reason people fail on long-term diets.

As shown in the graph, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR – your metabolism / how many calories you burn) also quickly plummeted in the normal diet, however, the cyclic group nearly maintained their starting levels.

Take Action And Achieve Long-term Weight Loss Success

Like thousands of others, you can finally start on a weight loss and physique transformation plan that MAKES SENSE.

Rather than setting you up to FAIL, this is the first dietary program that actually sets you up for LONG-TERM WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS.

You don’t need to be an expert in this (that’s my job after all), everything you need to succeed is ready and pre-designed into an easy to follow, ENJOYABLE plan.

I’ve spent 7 years of research, obtained a Masters degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science and tested it on over 500 personal clients so you don’t have to.

My 90 Day Bikini Transformation Plan works exceptionally well, I can confidently say that after feedback from 1000s of people.

Of course, no plan will work if you don’t stick to it. However, if you’ve made it this far and tried any diet in the past then I’m 100% confident this will be a breeze.

After all, you get to eat MORE food and have regular large REFEEDS on a week or bi-weekly basis compared to any other diet!

I’m also a big advocate of balance, so while I recommend whole foods most of the time, I’ve designed over 300 different meal plans spread across 5 different 7-day diets and macro flexibility, so no food (even ice cream and pizza) is truly off limits.

On a more regular basis, you can still eat your favorite foods which I’ve turned into high protein, fat-loss friendly meals (that still taste great). After all, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle change MUST be sustainable and enjoyable.

To help you get started and because I trust you are motivated and serious about this (after all, you’ve just read 3000 words so well done!) I’ve also reduced the price by 80%, down from $100 all the way to $19.

As I created this plan to help as many people as possible achieve long-term success, all I ask is that you give it your best, follow the guide and share the results with me afterwards.

So, get started now and please don’t pay the normal price of $100 when this $19 price expires soon.

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