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4 Advanced Supersets To Transform Your Leg & Glutes

If you’re looking to transform your legs and booty this advanced workout this one is for you.

By strategically pairing supersets we can further manipulate the strength curve, add volume to the workout and create much better metabolic stress. Ultimately, this leads to superior, more time-efficient workouts, improved fitness, and extra fat loss!

Here’s a popular lower body workout, taken directly from the 90-day Bikini Transformation Program, that you can try out for free. Along with the workout, I’ve broken down each superset, discussing specifically why this workout is super efficient and how to optimize your technique for maximum muscular development.

Superset 1: Leg Extensions & Leg Curls

I like to start my lower body workouts with leg extensions and leg curls which isolate the quads and hamstrings, respectively.  Rather than focusing just on growth, these exercises serve as more of a warm-up, designed to insulate your knee joints. This helps reduce injury risk while improving central nervous system and motor unit drive to those muscles we’re about to hit during the session.

Rather than focusing on growth, these exercises serve as more of a warm-up, insulating your knee joints. This helps reduce injury risk while improving central nervous system and motor unit drive to those muscles we’re about to hit during the session.

By starting with this somewhat exhaustive superset, we can increase muscular tension and fiber-specific recruitment when we hit the main exercises below.

While performing this first superset, you’ll work at an intensity of 7 out of 10. These should not be extremely intense sets, nor should you push to failure, like in the exercises to follow. Perform both of these exercises without resting in between. Focus on a smooth and controlled movement to fire and engage the working muscles.

NOTE: Explosive movements are a “No-No” here and will just be wasting your time.

1A: Leg Extension – 15 reps, 3 sets, 3:0:2:2 tempo

1B: Leg Curls – 15 reps, 3 sets, 3:0:2:2 tempo

30-second rest between supersets

Intensity: 7/10

Superset 2: Hamstring Back Squats & Lying Hamstring Curls

The first working superset of the workout is going to focus on the posterior chain (i.e. your glutes and hamstrings).

This superset works extremely well as it starts with a compound movement which works all lower body muscles, followed by an isolated finisher to burn out the hamstrings.

The first exercise is going to be heavier, with fewer reps, to tax the central nervous system, maximize motor unit recruitment, and focus more on mechanical stress and muscle damage. The following exercise will switch to a higher rep range, working more Type 1 muscle fibers and producing larger amounts of metabolic stress.

NOTE: By positioning ourselves in a lying leg curl, we can hit the shortened part of the hamstring where you’re often weak and probably wouldn’t tap into with your regular leg routines.

2A: Hamstring Squat – 8 reps, 4 sets, 3:1:1:0 tempo

2B: Lying Hamstring Curl – 15 reps, 4 sets, 3:0:2:2 tempo

90 seconds rest between supersets

Intensity 10/10

Superset 3: Heel-Raised DB Front Squat & Walking Lunges

The quads are such a large muscle group; so, as we want to create such large amounts of metabolic stress to aid in fat loss and toning, we are going to hit some high reps to finish off the workout.

This superset will be extremely challenging but also rewarding in the long run.

Additionally, superset shifts the focus from the posterior chain to the quads. Heel-raised front squats are a great exercise to hit the quads and get the full range of motion. The exercise recruits all four heads of the quads and makes it a unique movement. Many exercises are limited by the range of motion available. However, by raising the heels, we can reduce ankle flexion and set our body in position for ultimate squat depth.

The walking lunges will continue working the quads but also pull in some hamstrings and glutes as the hamstrings are already fatigued and will need support from the other lower body muscles.

NOTE: Rather than focusing purely on reps we’re going to do timed sets for the front squats. Time-sets force you to keep your muscles under tension for 60 seconds rather than speeding up like you normally would with a rep-based set.

3A: Dumbbell Heel Raised Front Squat – 60 seconds, 3 sets, 4:2:2:0 tempo

3B: Walking Lunges – 10 reps each side, 3 sets, 2:0:1:0 tempo

90 seconds rest between supersets

Intensity 10/10

Superset 4: Barbell Front Squat + BW Jump Squats

This superset combines heavy quad dominant squats that create large amounts of mechanical stress, followed up by more explosive high rep jump squats.

Perform the front squats with a smooth movement to burn the quads out and then immediate follow this with as many jump squats as possible (aim for 20-30 reps). With the jump squats, focus on exploding as high as possible each time and make sure you land softly, beind the knees and going straight down into a squat. This keeps tension on the leg muscles while protecting your knee, ankle and hip joint/bones.

3A: Barbell Front Squat – 12 reps, 3 sets, 2:0:2:0 temp

3B: Jump Squats – 20 – 30 reps, 3 sets, 1:0:1:0 tempo

90 seconds rest between supersets

Intensity 10/10

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