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6 Ways To Stay Motivated While Losing Weight

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Sticking to a weight loss diet can sometimes feel like a never-ending barrage of plateaus, frustration, disappointment and, if you’re lucky, sometimes success.

As with almost anything worth achieving, weight loss takes persistence and consistency with regards to the efforts you’re investing, both for actual progress and sustained motivation.

During your journey, finding ways to maintain motivation daily will be the key to long-term consistency and, of course, long-term success.

In this article, I’m going to touch on some of my personal techniques, which have allowed many of my clients (and me too) to maintain motivation while dieting and, ultimately, to achieve success.

Weigh Yourself Daily

This first suggestion may not go over well with many, but it’s one of my favorite methods to ensure consistency and daily motivation.

By weighing yourself first thing in the morning (after using the restroom of course), you’ll get an initial reminder of what you’ve already achieved (or will achieve) while priming you for the day ahead.

As a personal anecdote, many mornings I feel discouraged about my weight loss diet or just don’t feel up to the task of putting forth the necessary effort to attain it. When I wake up in the morning and weigh myself, it provides an additional reminder that unless effort is put in, I won’t achieve my goals.

Not to mention, the simple act of weighing myself every morning provides me with a simple reminder that I’m putting forth the necessary effort.

Set A Daily Goal

One of the mantras that I often follow is attempting to “win each day.” By winning each day, I simply set a specific goal or goals for me to achieve each day and then I achieve it to win.

Setting daily goals is almost as important as setting long-terms ones. By setting a new daily goal that pushes you towards your ultimate goal, you can ensure that you’re always moving forward and in the right direction.

Additionally, setting and achieving daily goals helps to maintain motivation, since you’re actually reaching what you set out to achieve. Sometimes, ultimate weight loss goals can take upwards of a year – going that long without a win would discourage anyone.

Set a daily goal that is achievable and then go and achieve it. Before no time, you’re ultimate goal will be a piece of cake.

Keep a Food Journal

Keeping a daily food journal is very similar to the act of weighing yourself daily.

By keeping track of the foods you’re eating, you’re giving yourself small reminders throughout the day about what you’re attempting to achieve and why you’re trying to achieve it.

Further, by keeping track of each meal, you’re much more likely to stick more closely to eating the foods you need for your ultimate goal, rather than just casting judgment to the wind.

Consider keeping a food journal or using a food tracking application such as MyFitnessPal to ensure consistent reminders, while staying on track with your nutrition.

Tell Others About Your Fitness Goals

Telling others about your plans to lose weight is one of the easiest ways to stay on track, since you’ll have someone else to hold you accountable.

When using this method, it’s typically best to tell people whom you are around regularly, since they’ll likely have the most influence on your thoughts and have a good understanding of where you are at and what you need to do to attain your goals.

There really is nothing like having someone else keeping you accountable for what you say you want to do. It’s quite possible that regular reminders from friends and family might just be the motivation you need to actually achieve your goals.

Visualize Your Goal Physique

Before you can actually attain the body you desire, you first need to have a solid grasp of how you actually want to look. However, you must do so in a way that is different from the norm.

Many times, people see fitness models and professionals and come to the conclusion that their physique is what you desire. The problem with this is that you’ll never achieve it, since you’re individual.

Rather than visualizing someone else’s physique, begin to visualize how your own physique might change with some weight and overall fat loss. Then, and only then, can you begin to see your own body goals come to fruition Not to mention, the simple act of visualizing yourself in the best shape of your life is about as motivating as it gets.

Give Yourself Periodic Rewards

No, this isn’t a suggestion to allow yourself to eat junk food because you worked out, but rather to provide yourself with rewards for milestones, such as hitting a goal weight or hitting a workout personal record.

This is much different from how many people “reward themselves” for moving in the right direction.

I often suggest doing things like going to a nice restaurant, going on a trip or just getting a massage, facial or manicure/pedicure. Providing yourself with real, concrete reasons, besides just weight loss, can really provide the level of motivation you need to push through sticking points in a diet.

Determine your long- and short-term goals and determine appropriate rewards for each, while watching your motivation skyrocket.

6 Ways To Stay Motivated While Losing Weight 

Weight loss can be hard and it often feels like an eternity before you actually see the progress you desire. Thus, finding ways to motivate yourself to stay on track is paramount if you hope to weather the storm and actually achieve your goals.

By using these little techniques, your motivation gauge should remain full, ensuring your long-term, weight loss success.

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