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6 Crazy Superset Workouts to Get You Shredded

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Supersets are one of my favorite advanced techniques to help you drop fat fast.

They make up the backbone of many of my clients’ programs as well as featuring heavily in the 90 Day Bikini Transformation Program. They are great at burning tons of calories and helping boost metabolism for up to 48 hours post workout.

The benefits of a superset-based session don’t stop there! They also create more total volume (key for muscle toning/growth/retention) and boost key fat burning hormones such as Ephedrine and Growth Hormone.

Here are 6 great superset workouts that you can try adding to your normal workout to optimize fat loss and your physique transformation…

1. Deadlift and Farmers Walk

This is one of my favorite supersets for fat loss and physique transformation. Don’t get me wrong it’s very tough but also extremely effective!

Higher rep deadlifts are a great fat burning exercise as they recruit several muscles which require additional oxygen and blood flow, therefore expending lots of calories and increasing EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption – which creates the metabolic afterburn post-workout).

By adding in the farmers walk too, you can burn additional calories, keep your heart rate elevated (which is also great for your fitness) and improve other aspects such as stability, core/ab function and multiple group strength. Here’s what you need to do:

A: Deadlift – 12 Reps, 4 sets, 1:0:1:0 Tempo

B: Farmers Walk – 30 seconds, 4 sets

2. Squats and Walking Lunges

Squats are another top fat burning exercise due to their highly demanding nature, working all the lower body muscles and also the muscles in the torso to stabilize and hold that strong upper body position.

If you’ve ever done higher rep squat work before you will understand that it’s not simply just a muscle building and strength exercise but also a fat burning and cardio workout too!

By adding in some lighter walking lunges, you will totally fatigue the legs which will help maximize fat loss, muscle tone and muscular endurance.

A: Squats – 10-15 Reps, 4 Sets, 3:1:1:0 Tempo

B: Walking Lunges – 15 Reps each leg (30 total), 4 Sets, 2:0:1:0 Tempo

3. Bench Press and Bent-Over Row

This is one of the best upper body superset combinations. This is because it utilizes two big compound movements. As discussed above, working several muscle groups at one time uses a lot of oxygen and burns a lot of calories.

By performing them back to back you can still maintain a good amount of output/effort (as long as you have a good fitness base of course) because you are working opposing muscle groups (i.e. when you are working one set of muscles the others are relaxing/resting).

This makes this superset a perfect upper body pair for not only toning pretty much every muscle in the upper body but also shredding fat in a time efficient manner.

In addition, as a bent-over row requires your whole core and lower body to stabilize, you’re not only burning calories from the movement but also adding in some extra  stability work along with extra calorie requirements.

A: Bench Press – 15 Reps, 4 Sets, 3:1:2:0 Tempo

B: Bent-Over Row – 15 Reps, 4 Sets, 3:0:1:1 Tempo

4. Barbell Rack Pulls and Standing Shoulder Press

This is another great superset combo which, when combined, works pretty much nearly every muscle in the body.

Higher rep rack pulls are great for glute and hamstring development and, due to their explosive nature, they also burn a lot of calories.

Because you are removing the lower portion of the movement, which is normally the hardest part during a deadlift causing fatigue, you will be able to complete more reps with a much heavier weight. This creates stress on pretty much every upper body muscle, along with your core and posterior chain.

The standing shoulder press further stresses the core as it stabilizes the movement, while also working your shoulder muscles and triceps.

A: Barbell Rack Pulls – 15 Reps, 4 Sets, 1:0:1:0 Tempo

B: Standing Shoulder Press – 15 Reps, 4 Sets, 3:0:1:0 Tempo

5. Wide Grip Pull Up and Machine Horizontal Row

This back focus superset is another one of my favorite combos for both back development and fat loss.

The back is made up of several muscles including the very large latissimus dorsi. Therefore, you can perform a great superset working different movement powers and angles (i.e. a pull-down and a horizontal pull).

This allows for you to accumulate a large amount of metabolic stress and also uses a fairly large amount of oxygen consumption as there are multiple muscles involved in this exercise.

In addition to helping you develop your back and burn fat, this superset is also great for your upper body and torso biomechanics as the back and Lat muscles often become tight and inactive due to modern day life such as sitting at a desk or working at a computer.

If you can’t complete bodyweight pull-ups for recommended reps and sets below, you can use an assisted pull-up machine, have someone spot you, or use a resistance band to help you.

A: Wide Grip Pull Up – 12 Reps, 4 Sets, 3:1:2:1 Tempo

B: Horizontal Machine Row – 20 Reps, 4 Sets, 3:1:2:2 Tempo

6. Heel Raised Split Squats and Gym Ball/TRX Crunch

Split squats or heel raised split squats are another great fat burning exercise as they work different legs and use very high reps.

They also utilize all the lower body muscle groups along with stability from the core which helps you to further burn calories and fat.

TRX or gym ball crunches place your body in a straight arm press-up position which engages all the core and upper body muscles, while also using the abs, hips, and in some sense the legs to crunch up. Again this extended set can last up to 60 seconds, burning plenty of fat and improving your abdominal definition.

To perform the abdominal TRX or gym ball crunch, position yourself, with your arms straight, in an upright press-up position and your feet on a large gym ball or on a suspension trainer such as a TRX. From here slightly bend the elbows so you are placing the load evenly throughout the upper body muscles rather than just the elbow and shoulder joint. Slowly crunch in bringing your knees under and into the chest while engaging the core throughout.

A: Heel Raised Split Squats – Total 30 Reps (15 each leg), 4 Sets, 2:2:1:0 Tempo

B: Gym Ball Crunch  – 20+ Reps, 4 Sets, 2:0:1:1 Tempo

Take Your Physique to the Next Level & Start Burning Fat Today

These advanced supersets are a great way to burn a ton of calories while improving muscle tone and growth in a safe, fast and effective manner.

But remember, even the world’s’ best fat loss workouts won’t maximize fat loss if you’re not paying attention to other important aspects such as diet, sleep and other advanced techniques such as carb cycling and strategic refeeds.

You can learn more about these advanced techniques in my blog or if you want all of this condensed into a ready-made, easy to understand guide, then check out my  90 Day Bikini Transformation Program.

Check out this comment from someone starting the 90 Day Bikini plan and using my advanced carb cycling techniques.


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