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5 of the Best Fat Loss Supplements! (Proven by Research)

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There are a ton of unproven and useless supplements just asking you to waste your money (and maybe even impair your health).

Despite 95% being a complete waste of time and money (trust me, i’ve researched this for nearly a decade!), there are a few that can provide benefit and I recommend to most of them to my clients and those on the 90 Day Bikini Plan.

Everyone wants to know the optimal fat burning stack, in my eyes, this is a list of the 5 most proven, safe and legal fat burners around:

Fat Loss Supplement 1: Caffeine

One of the worlds best supplements, caffeine can help you burn more fat during exercise, reduce fatigue, reduce hunger, boost your metabolism, allow for more total work or time in the gym (key to fat loss) and improve overall gym performance (also key for physique transformation) (1, 2, 3).
Study 1: One study gave trained athletes 6 mg/kg bodyweight of caffeine (around 350 – 400mg) prior to performing repeated sprints. The sprints were 4 seconds long separated by a 2 minute active recovery at 35% VO2 max (low intensity, like a fast walk).

The caffeine group had greater peak power achieved during the sprints (7% in the first half, 6.6% in the second half) and did a greater total volume of work as shown below (8.5% in the first half, 7.6%). As discussed, an increase in total work or volume allows them to burn more calories, increase fat burning hormones and of course, performance (4).

fat loss supplement graph

Study 2: Another study in low habitual coffee drinkers (150-300mL daily), supplemented with 100-400mg caffeine. They found the caffeine increased the metabolic rate and amount of calories burnt per hour (9.2, 7.2 and 32 kcal/h increase respectively). They also found the higher 400mg dose increased plasma glycerol (a key indicator of fat burning) and lactate which is linked to growth hormone and metabolic stress (which burns more calories / fat) (5).

fat loss supplement graph


Fat Loss Supplement 2: Green Tea

Similar to Caffeine, this one has a ton of research showing it is one of the best natural fat burners available.

The EGCG content in green tea can help you oxide (burn) more fat during your workouts, reduce hunger and boost your metabolism. Additionally, green tea also provides numerous health benefits and can lower disease risk (6,7,8).

Study 1: A meta-Analysis of 11 studies looking at green tea consumption over a period of 12 weeks minimum noted, on average, 1.31kg (2.8lbs) weight loss. While this may not seem like much, its pretty impressive for just popping a pill everyday. Furthermore, this was only the AVERAGE. When combined with a well designed fat loss training and diet plan it may be more (9).fat loss supplement graph

Study 2: In another study, supplementation of 366 mg green tea catechins before exercise resulted in 15% higher average fat oxidation rates.

Moreover, the contribution of fat oxidation to total energy expenditure was also significantly higher, by a similar percentage, after supplementation. If that wasn’t enough, supplementation improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in the subjects as well (10).

If you are in the USA you can get my own new High Strength Green Tea here, with 40% EGCG for just $15

Fat Loss Supplement 3: Fiber Supplement

While it may not help you burn more fat directly, it can help improve satiety, lower calorie intake, improve dietary adherence and keep you fuller for longer (11). In turn, these factors will reduce calorie intake and drive weight loss and dieting success, without you being hungry all the time.

Several studies how found the addition of a fiber supplement, such as 5 grams of Inulin at a meal can increase fat loss vs the non supplement group (12). Ofcourse, if you eat a lot of fiber naturally (40g +) there is no need for this supplement, however, 99% of people do not.

In addition to helping you lower calorie intake and driving fat loss, added fiber also improves your gut health and bacteria, which will further promote fat loss over the long-term (13).

Study 1: Supplementation of 4 grams per day of a fiber supplement resulted in weight loss of 8.0 kg (17 lbs) versus 5.8 kg (12 lbs) in the placebo group over a 24-week period (14).

fat loss supplement graph

In addition to this fat loss benefit, participants saw decreases in blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides – all key markers of health and disease risk.

Study 2: Another study compared the effect of various commercial fiber supplements (glucomannan, guar gum and alginate) on weight reduction in healthy overweight subjects (15).

Over a 5 week period, all the fiber supplements and a 1200 calorie controlled diet created significantly greater weight reduction compared to a 1200 calorie controlled diet alone.

Fat Loss Supplement 4: Whey Protein 

Mainly used post workout, whey protein is actually a great supplement throughout the day and acts as a perfect meal replacement when you are on the go or dieting.

I will often have clients swap a meal out for a whey shake, which can quickly reduce calories, protect muscle and cause immediate fat loss. Whey has many benefits, including improve insulin sensitivity, decreased hunger. hormone optimization and as mentioned, greater fat loss (16,17,18,19).

Study 1: A review of whey protein and its’ effects on health found it seemed to positively affect many factors of health (20). Just buy sipping a whey shake everyday, they found all these incredible benefits to healthy and ones physique:

  • Reduction of Blood Sugar in healthy individuals,
  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity,
  • Reduction in body weight,
  • Maintenance of muscle mass,
  • Increases in the release of hunger-suppressing hormones such as cholecystokinin, leptin, and glucagon like-peptide 1 (GLP-1),
  • A decrease in the hunger-promoting hormone Ghrelin,
  • Reductions in blood pressure,
  • Inflammation and oxidative stress.

Study 2: For pure fat loss another study investigated subjects taking a whey protein supplement for 12 weeks in combination with a reduced calorie diet. After 12 weeks, the addition of a whey shake caused significantly more body fat loss and showed a greater preservation of lean muscle (21).

fat loss supplement graph

Overall, the whey protein supplement group lost 6.1% of their body fat mass, which may have practical significance in reducing obesity related disease risks.

For Whey Protein, I use Optimum Nutrition (the best tasting chocolate I’ve ever found), Myprotein or Kaged Muscle RE-KAGED.

Fat Loss Supplement 5: Capsaicinoids

Leading to a burning sensation and increased heat production when you eat red chill peppers, Capsaicinoids have some impressive fat loss research. The main mechanism is increased heat production, which burns more calories and drives fat loss (22).

In addition, they cause an increase in the enzyme lipase which is responsible for breaking down stored fat to be burnt as fuel (23). Look out for Capsimax, the patented and pure version of Capsaicinoids (24, 25).

Study 1: Data analysis of 10 studies showed that capsaicinoid ingestion prior to a meal reduced uncontrolled calorie / energy intake by 74.0 calories during the meal. While this may not seem significant, that could equate to 200-300 calories per day, or atleast help you eat less without counting calories (26).

Study 2: In another study, 78 healthy subjects were randomly assigned to 3 groups receiving 0 (placebo), 3, or 9 mg of capsinoids for 28 days.

After only 1 month of supplementation, researchers found a thermogenic effect of ~50 kcal per day (27).

Again while this seems small, if you consider its effects when combined with other supplements mentioned above, over days and months you could burn several pounds of fat.

To put it into context, if you burnt an extra 250 calories per day (the same as 30 minutes of hard exercise), you would burn a whopping 91,250 calories in a year! This equates to 26 LBS of weight!!

fat loss supplement graph

Take the Pill, Shred the Fat?

If you are mastering the basics, these simple additions can you through plateaus and make sure you continue with the rapid fat loss you are use to when starting a diet.

However, as i always emphasize, there is no magic pill and if you are not optimizing your diet, training and other aspects then you won’t see the beneficial results. Not only are these supplements great, NATURAL fat burners, they are also very safe (if taken correctly). As demonstrated, they all have amazing health benefits away from the fat loss side of things.

While I’m not one to push a lot of supplements, this is one of my favorite fat loss supplement stacks.

If you want to see how I program this into the 90 Day Bikini Plan along with advanced carb cycling meal plans and over 30 Metabolic Workouts.

Remember, if you are looking to master fat loss and rapidly transform your physique, you need to be on a highly advanced plan such as the 90 Day Bikini Transformation Program. Only when you are using advanced techniques such as HIIT training, Metabolic Resistance Workouts, Carb Cycling, Calorie Shifting and Hormone optimization should you consider these supplements.

However, when combined they can be an extremely powerful and effective fat loss protocol. Remember to only buying the research proven supplements, as discussed in this guide – do not waste your money on random “fat burners” that use under dosed and unproven ingredients!

If you are mastering all the basics, I’m confident these will help. If not, be sure to focus on your diet and training first and remember these supplements will just excel an already well designed plan, but, they will not make up for a poor diet and exercise regime!


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