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5 Expert Tips To Win Every Day

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If you’re trying to make it in this world, you’re going to need to work hard, each and every day to ensure that you’re at least on par, if not better than the competition.

Unfortunately, trying to get ahead day after day for an ultimate end goal, years off in the distance, can feel frustrating, boring and sometimes unachievable; however, it doesn’t need to be that way.

In the past with dieting, specifically, I’ve spoken about first starting with a plan and then achieving goals along the way that push you towards your ultimate goal. Even though this isn’t about dieting specifically, as you’ll soon see, these tips transcend almost any life goal you might have.

In this article, I’ll touch on 5 of my personal tips to help you “win” each and every day, allowing for consistent progress and ultimately to achieve your goals and dreams.

Get A Win Early

I’ve often felt that how you start your day will help to shape and mold how the rest of your day turns out. Essentially, if you start the day with achievement in some way, it’s likely that trend will continue for the rest of the day.

Many successful life coaches and entrepreneurs use this technique to start each and every day from a standpoint of achieving what you set out to achieve.

Small things like making the bed each morning or straightening up your bedroom or answering all your emails before morning coffee, can help set the stage for success by creating winning momentum that can often carry you through the day.

I suggest picking some small task that you wouldn’t normally do, and achieve it. Doing so can put you in a prime mindset for achievement.

While this step isn’t very complex, it’s likely the most important one on this list. If you don’t win early in your day, it’s likely the rest of your day will follow suit.

Have A Morning Routine

In addition to getting a win early in the day, I also suggest that you define a typical morning routine and execute it each day upon rising. Personally, I love to wake up in the mornings, shower, brush my teeth, check emails and then make a hot cup of coffee.

Surely, these activities won’t directly contribute to success (apart from the coffee) but having a consistent routine can enable you to execute tasks throughout the day that you know need to be done.

By having a morning routine, you’ll build a distinct set of tasks that need to be completed each day, in essence, providing you with a small win to create momentum, each and every day.

Additionally, I find that executing my morning routine helps get me in the right mindset to continue throughout the morning and the rest of the day.

For improved productivity, right from the start, I suggest picking a morning routine and executing it exactly each day to build momentum and focus for the day to come.

Set A Primary Goal & Sub-Goals

Even when it comes to weight loss or exercise goals, I always encourage goal setting. Goal setting allows you to formulate a perfect plan of action to ensure that you’re taking the necessary steps to actually achieve your goals.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you can start by creating an ultimate goal of losing a certain amount of body weight. From here, you can create other smaller goals that actually push you towards the end goal.

Interestingly, I take the same approach to each day. At the beginning of each day, I decide on an end goal. Whether that be write so many articles, finish a milestone for a project I’m working on, or executing a specific task; by determining an end goal for the day, I create a clear direction to take.

From here, I like to make sub goals that push me towards the end goal.

For example, let’s say my goal of the day is to finish building a new workout guide. Of course the ultimate end goal is to finish and have the book published. However, lofty goals such as this often require longer than just one day.

So rather than creating goals that are impossible to actually achieve, I determine a small set of sub goals for each day, all of which are achievable. From here, I go and achieve them.

In this example, I may not achieve the ultimate goal but I’m still creating small wins that push towards the ultimate end goal. By doing so, these small wins I achieve each day then allow me to win the day as a whole and eventually achieve my goals.

Each day, determine your end goal and then build multiple sub goals, which you can achieve each day.

goal setting

Have A Daily Checklist

In addition to goal setting, a daily “must” for me is building two checklists that eventually guide me through my day.

Each morning during my morning routine, I create two lists. List 1 includes the “must haves.” This is a list of all the tasks that I need to complete, without exception each day.

Further, I always make sure that the list encompasses the necessities but also tasks that I can actually achieve. Creating a long list may look nice on paper but if it’s overwhelming, it may end up giving you a sense of failure.

Next, I build a “nice to have” list. This is a list of non-essential tasks, yet tasks I wish to actually accomplish. By making this list, once I’ve completed my “must have tasks” this allows me to continue moving forward with other endeavors I desire.

Lastly, if I move through the list and can’t finish everything, I simply transition those tasks to the next day to ensure I don’t forget.

By creating checklists of necessary tasks, you’ll set forth clear direction, ensuring that you’re spending your valuable time on tasks that are actually necessary for your success.

Do Something Positive For Someone Else

Considering that all of the previous suggestions were personal, my last suggestion for winning each day is to positively influence someone else’s life.

Often times we get caught up in the idea of getting ahead, which frequently comes at the expense of others. However, one must not forget the importance of compassion and empathy for others going through a similar struggle.

After all, it’s likely that your ultimate life endeavors will impact others in some way, so it’s always best to try to make that impact a positive one.

In addition to creating goals and executing tasks for yourself, consider finding ways to positively benefit someone else’s life. Doing so may turn out to be more rewarding than you think.

5 Expert Tips To Win Every Day

Achieving lifelong dreams and goals can be difficult, yet possible, if you have the mindset of winning each day.

Goals like weight loss and muscle growth can often seem impossible to attain when measuring your success against your ultimate goal. Rather than having this mindset, I suggest finding ways to “win” each day, in the hope of pushing you towards achieving your ultimate goal.

By using these methods, you’ll soon find yourself achieving more and eventually getting closer and closer to your ultimate end goals.

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