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4 Major Threats To Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution (And How To Beat Them)

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In the New Year, you might be considering some form of weight loss resolution. While I commend that intention, it’s important to know that there are some factors that could work against you in your quest to lose weight.

I want to help you avoid them in order to ensure success.

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the biggest threats to your New Year’s resolution and how to overcome them and succeed.

Jumping On The Diet Bandwagon

Arguably one of the biggest threats to your success is beginning a diet and training program for the wrong reasons.

Many people view the New Year as an opportunity for change, but many others are simply jumping on the bandwagon. While I certainly encourage everyone to follow a healthier lifestyle, you have to first understand what sort of undertaking you’re about to embark on.

First, you’ll need to realize that losing weight is a multifaceted issue to tackle, which requires not only consistency, but also following the right course of action. Additionally, weight loss also comes with other requirements, such as restricting calories and even avoiding high calorie problem foods.

While dieting can be difficult regardless of your motivation, being highly motivated for the right reasons makes the process a much easier one.

Second, you’ll have to consider your training. Many people hope that taking a miracle pill or simply eating a few healthier meals will help them get in the best shape of their lives, but if that were the case, I wouldn’t even have this website.

Lastly, dieting isn’t always the healthiest option. If, for example, you’re not actually really well-informed about how to lose weight, yet reduce calories drastically, you could put yourself in a position where your metabolism adapts. At this point, you could end up in worse shape than before, if, all of sudden, you decide to abandon the diet.

During this holiday season, I implore you to re-evaluate your decision to diet and ask yourself whether you’re ready to embark on the sometimes difficult journey of weight loss or whether you’re simply following the crowd.

Not Having A Plan

One of the biggest threats to your success in the New Year is simply jumping into your body transformation with no plan of action. This includes how you’ll slowly transition into your new lifestyle in addition to how you’ll adjust when needed.

Having a successful body transformation is actually more difficult than most people consider and achieving it requires far more effort than simply restricting calories.

First, you need to evaluate your current starting position. Since weight loss is dictated by expending more calories than you eat, you’ll need to understand how many calories you’re currently consuming, so that you can accurately reduce the necessary amount of calories.

Second, you need to consider how quickly you want to lose weight and then what your course of action will be once your weight loss plateaus. Will you reduce calories further? What about taking periodic breaks from calorie restriction?

Third, you’ll need to determine what sort of exercise you’ll be doing such as training for muscle building, strength building or gearing your workouts towards fat loss. Even more, you need to determine the optimal amount of work you’ll be doing to accommodate the reduction of calories you’ve put yourself on.

As you can tell, building a successful body transformation program is a bit more complicated than just eating less and moving more. Because of this, I suggest first sitting down and working out a rough plan of attack including how you’ll start the diet and how you’ll manipulate it in the future to ensure continued success.

new year weight loss

Trying To Do It All Yourself

Trying to build a training program and defining your plan of action can be a very daunting task, especially if you aren’t familiar with the intricacies of the human body as it relates to weight loss.

Tasks such as defining you maintenance calories, determining the appropriate amount of calorie restriction and building workouts that will actually be effective for your goal can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

Not to mention, if you aren’t specifically trained in how to build successful programs, it’s possible that some of the steps you’re taking, based on logic and reasoning, might not actually work how you hope they will.

In this case, if you’re new to training and nutrition, it may be in your best interest to seek help from a trained professional who understands exactly how to program diet plans, in addition to understanding how to adjust according to your individual responses to both training and diet.

Services like my monthly elite training membership work by having me do the planning for you, so that even with a plan, you’ll know it’s actually the right one for you.

If you’re at all unsure whether you’re making the correct decisions, it’s always best to seek help rather than risking your time and effort.

new year weight loss

Your Routine

Lastly, believe it or not, one of the biggest threats to your success is actually your normal routine.

Consider for a moment that taking on a new diet and exercise program is likely something in addition to the happenings of your everyday life. Now consider that in order to be successful, you’ll need to adhere to your diet and exercise routine almost daily in order for it to be effective.

This point is often one of the biggest reasons that new diets fail; simply because it becomes too difficult to fit the extra effort into our daily lives.

If you’re considering a new diet or training program, it’s best to sit down and determine how to manipulate your new routine to accommodate the extra effort that you’ll need to put forth.

Additionally, it’s suggested that you understand this concept before jumping into your diet. Doing so will ensure that your transition into your new lifestyle will be a smooth one.

Keep in mind, I’m not saying you’ll need to radically change your lifestyle, but if you hope to build healthy habits such as cooking healthy foods and exercising regularly, you’ll need to manipulate your current routine to ensure doing so isn’t a burden.

4 Major Threats To Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution (And How To Beat Them)

While there are some threats to your success when it comes to changing your body composition, most of them can be beaten by simply understanding that they exist and then formulating a plan to combat them.

Additionally, remember that this journey doesn’t need to be a singular pursuit.

Thousands of other individuals in the same situation as you have taken the step to seek assistance, such as through my monthly personalized training membership. Instead of guessing, opt for a program that you know will work and can offer support on your fitness journey.

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