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The 3 Key Reasons Women Need to Pin-Point Their Regime (Training & Nutrition)

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If you are trying to lose fat or reach your fitness/physique goals then you need to implement these advanced nutrition strategies, specific to women.

Although there is an overload of fitness information online covering pretty much every topic, 90% of this is always tailored to males or the more hardcore bodybuilding niche and not going to be suitable to women looking to take their results to the next level.

With over 300,000 women successfully improving their physiques and health with my advanced methods and tens of thousands transforming in 90 days using my unique female specific methods in the 90 Day Bikini plan, it is safe to say I know a thing or two about female specific fitness and nutrition

Ready to put your diet plans and results on over drive? If so, Let’s go…

1. Women Need to Further Tailor & Pin Point Their Energy Intake

Based on numerous research studies and experience with 1000s of clients, I’ve seen that women require a more pinpointed and accurate energy / calorie intake.


Well, in general, women have a lower metabolism and energy expenditure compared to males. This means they run and require less calories per day for all bodily functions. While this information may not be anything new, I’ve found that women need to be meticulous with their nutritional intake. Basically, women have a small window of opportunity to create a calorie deficit and still maximize their health and physique.

In other words, if a female is dieting, there will be a fine line between dropping calories low enough to see noticeable results. All this while not going too low that they become weak, ill, nutrient deficient, stressed or crash their metabolism and dig a whole that just makes it harder in the long-run.

While men can likely just drop down to 2000 calories and lose weight quickly, most females can’t even maintain a relative low body fat on this number. If you are a female and have ever dieted, then you know that you may need to drop to 1500 calories or less. However, when we get to this low range, it can be very hard to fuel the body with macro- (carbs, proteins and fats) and micronutrients, while fueling your muscles for intense workouts.

How do we counter this? Well, you must use more advanced methods such as carb cycling, refeeds, nutrient timing, and tailor aspects around the menstrual cycle or menopause and possibly add in some advanced supplement protocols to give you a helping hand.

This is something we focus on in the 90 Day Bikini plan. This gives all the members the key foundations and then taking things to an entire new level so they can actually burn more calories per day, lose more weight per day without going crazy on a stupid (and dangerously) low calorie diet.

After all, any fitness coach can give you a plan to lose weight. However, what separates myself and my programs to all other coaches online is that I can give you a plan that helps you lose weight safely, allowing you to eat more food and calories, thus getting more super foods and nutrients. More importantly, this will help you build a long-term sustainable plan that lets you keep off the fat and won’t crash your metabolism (some people even complain there is TOO much food and they are still losing weight!!).

Here are some recent comments of members using these advanced techniques in my Private FB group:

90 day bikini


90 day bikini

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2. Women Need to Maximize & Tailor Their Carbohydrate Intake to THEM!

In a similar fashion to energy/calorie intake, women may need to closely monitor and tailor carb intake more than their male counterparts.

(I know tailoring your diet to your own unique body needs sounds crazy in an industry of gurus trying to preach their ‘1 secret or 1 technique’, but bare with me :)).

First, both genders need a higher-than-recommended protein intake to maximize fat loss, recovery and muscle growth (so increase your protein intake if its low!) I do believe females may need to further tweak their carb-to-fat ratios and get even more specific than men.

Although I don’t believe there is 1 blanket rule and it always varies between individuals, I do find the majority of women (based on tons of real feedback and results in the Private Facebook group) using the 90 Day Bikini plan really benefit from a pin-pointed carb cycling intake.

This advanced carb-cycling intake basically allows women to still consume and even benefit from carbohydrates (do not fear them!). The only difference is we use them when they will go to the muscle for fuel and recovery and remove them when they would be going to the fat cells or not being utilized efficiently!

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The need to tailor this further than males can be explained for several reasons, including:

  • Females tend to have less lean body mass.
  • Females have small glycogen capacity (carb stores).
  • Females burn less carbs when exercising (due to metabolism differences and body mass/muscle requirements).
  • Females have unique differences in hormones such as Estrogen and insulin sensitivity.
  • Female menstrual cycle or menopause can also effect carb timings and carbohydrate needs (learn more on tailoring your regime to menstrual cycle and menopause on THIS page).

Learn more about my unique carb cycling regime education on this page: www.rudymawer.com/ultimate-carb-cycling

3. Women Should Tailor Everything Around the Menstrual Cycle and Menopause

One clear and undisputed fact is that females have the menstrual cycle and battle menopause that cause clear differences and issues that should be accounted for.

I’m known as the worlds leading expert across multiple scientific channels, fitness websites and magazines teaching hundreds of thousands of women on how to do this, along with having the ONLY female specific plan that accounts for this (I’m on your side!).

It’s safe to say I know a thing or two about the specific changes that occur during the Menstrual Cycle and Menopause. I’ve also witnessed the drastic and quick results that 1,000s of my members get when they begin to tailor their diet and training around this. If you are stuck in a rut or can’t get the physique you want, maybe this (and the other 2 factors above) are the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Hopefully, I’ve got your deserving attention and you trust it’s not some voo-doo magic (see the 20+ scientific references at the end of this article if you want the exact science). Here is a summary of these 2 topics and how I tailor the 90 Day Bikini and my Elite Female Personalzied Plans around female hormones, the menstrual cycle and menopause.

3a. Menstrual Cycle Specifics (Skip this if you want to just learn about Menopause) 

Starting with menstrual cycle, I’ve spent over one hundred hours reviewing all the research and created a blueprint that helps you tailor your regime around the 4 phases. Here’s a very brief summary:


  • Phase 1 Follicular Phase: In the Follicular phase, research shows improved strength & performance, allowing for more intense workouts. Nutrition wise, you will have increased carbohydrate tolerance and insulin function, allowing for more high-carb periods (which also makes sense if you are training harder) and refeeds.


  • Phase 2 Ovulation Phase: During the Ovulation phase, you are able to optimize performance and intensity. It’s a perfect time for planned over-reaching and carb refeeds like we do in the 90 Day Bikini plan. The only caveat is possible increased injury risk. Therefore, you may wish to avoid ballistic and power based movements unless required for your sport.


  • Phase 3 Luteal Phase: The Luteal phase will likely have the biggest and most noticeable negative impact on your training. Do what you can and lighten the load or workout volume if needed. I also recommend you de-load here if you are implementing strategic deloads and over-reach periods into your regime. As you may know, your hormones will be out of whack and serotonin will drop which can also cause cognitive issues and mood swings. To counter this, eat tryptophan-rich foods and stay extra strict with your diet.


  • Phase 4 The Menstruation Phase: In the Menstruation phase, hunger and cravings are likely to yo-yo and it may be harder to stay on your current nutrition plan. For this reason, I often recommend you use clever strategies in your diet to maximize satiety and reduce cravings. Remember, hunger is a key reason people quit and fail their diets, so you should really focus on reducing this at all times, regardless of your cycle.

10506472 - menstrual cycle calendar. follicular phase, ovulation, luteal phase


3b. Menopause Specifics (Summary):

Menopause research suggests a steady increase in body weight, which can vary from 1 to 10lbs or more per year! This is due to a series of metabolic and hormonal changes we work to counter during the 90 Day Bikini plan. These include:

  • Metabolism: a decrease in metabolism for various reasons, meaning you’ll burn less calories per day and have a harder time keeping the weight off (unless you use advanced methods such as HIIT, carb cycling, refeeds and metabolic resistance training of course).
  • Hunger: An increase in hunger, poor food control and possibly greater and more frequent cheat meals / binges.
  • Dangerous Belly Fat Storage: changes in hormones can cause a shift in fat distribution, increasing the storage of dangerous visceral fat around the belly.
  • Decrease Bone Strength: Due to alterations in estrogen and other hormonal and age-related factors, bone density and strength may decline. This leads to a decrease in overall strength and reduced capabilities in daily activities.
  • Sleep: Decrease in sleep quality and duration primarily because of lifestyle issues can cause a host of factors such as insulin sensitivity, fat burning, weight gain, hunger and more.

While these changes may sound like you are doomed to fail, this is only the case if you have the wrong mind-set and don’t take specific and advanced actions.

The real reason you may currently be stuck, failing or frustrated is because you are on the wrong plan, wrong diet, following the wrong advice or not following the specific points discussed below.

  • Metabolic Resistance Training: Advanced workout programs and techniques to boost fat burning hormones by over 300% and boosting your metabolism for up-to 48 hours which helps you ignite that sluggish metabolism you may be trying to deal with!
  • Carb Cycling: Just like all females would benefit from advanced carb-timing and carb-cycling techniques, those going through or post-menopause would also really benefit from applying this method. By using carb cycling and strategic refeeds, you can counter the impaired insulin function which occurs. This basically means you will teach your body to use carbs efficiently and maximize their absorption without the fat gain.
  • Refeeds / Calorie Cycling: Another key strategy that makes my programs and principles so unique are strategic refeeds and the latest science on calorie cycling. Again, while this can benefit everyone when dieting (males and females both), I wanted to really highlight it here. Why? Well, I mentioned the menopause causes a sluggish metabolism (as you probably know, right?). But it also negatively impacts your leptin and ghrelin levels – the two key hunger hormones that helps you maintain or lose weight.

When these hormones become impacted, you will basically over eat, always be hungry and store fat more efficiently – bad news right?! Luckily, new research has shown that the strategic refeeds and calorie cycling methods we use in the 90 Day Bikini Plan will help counter these issues and reduce them, giving you a new advantage and getting your results/physique back on track!

Hopefully this overview on Menopause shows you the research and issues you may be facing, while simultaneously giving you some starting points and strategies to research further and counter them!

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Take Accurate Action & Transform Today (Guaranteed)  

If you’ve been stuck in a rut, struggle to reach your goal or just feel you aren’t quite optimizing your regime and getting a reward for all the hard work and dedication you put in – don’t worry. You are not the first.

In fact, the whole reason I wanted to write this article was to provide more specific advice for women who are dedicated and focused on that goal. Sadly, there is no information out there like this on the internet, thus giving you the research-proven and advanced scientific techniques you need to take things a step further.

Since I built the 90 Day Bikini plan with these advanced methods, it has been amazing to see the life changing results posted in the Facebook Group every single day (see some results HERE). If you need the guidance or my proven blueprint, then it’s your lucky day. As I’m all about helping and wanting you to maximize your results, health and ultimately achieve your dreams, I’m going to provide you a crazy offer and discount on my world-leading female specific plan – the  90 Day Bikini Program.


There’s just one condition – you’ve got to promise to apply the techniques, join the Private Facebook Group and share your amazing results (that I guarantee. Yes, guarantee you will get with this program (or a full refund – I’m that confident)).

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belly fat

Click the coupon now to learn more about these techniques and the 90 Day Bikini program and what is involved.

See you there! I’m super excited to see your results!!


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