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3 Foods You Should Never Eat Backed By Science (They Destroy Your Health)

Have you ever ate a epic cheat meal and got a ‘food hangover’ the day after?

Well, that’s because certain processed foods actually destroy your insides and make you ill!

By avoiding these foods, you can become super healthy, live longer and keep your stomach and digestive tract free of food that basically burns like acid…

Here are 3 foods you should NEVER eat.

1. Foods You Should Never Eat: Nails

Yes Nails, they are sharp, metal, hard to digest and defiantly a food you should never eat

Did you know? A nail contains a whopping 5 calories per one and can actually cut your digestive track as they are digested :/

If you’ve ever tested them, they leave a horrible metal like taste in your mouth. So, not only will you destroy your inside, no one will kiss you either and you may be single FOREVER!

Along with nails, you should probably avoid any tool or accessory in your DIY kit.

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2. Foods You Should Never Eat: Soil

This is a common misconception by paleo and clean eaters. Just because it’s natural and free of artificial sweeteners, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy!

In fact, soil doesn’t provide many nutrients at all, it’s low in fiber and unless it contains a few worms, it’s also low in protein and micronutrients!

Although it lacks direct research at this point, large amount of soil can also cause digestive issues, sickness and long-term health issues making it a top food you should never eat

Apart from the taste and risk to your health, it may also leave a nasty black color in your mouth, so you may lose friends or even your job!

P.s. Organic soil isn’t healthier than regular soil.

3. Foods You Should Never Eat: Soap

Just because it smelts good enough to eat, it doesn’t mean you should.

Soap is full of chemicals and long-term consumption can cause severe illness and regular trips to the hospital.

While it may help your breath smell like the sea or lavender, there’s really no health benefit from eating soap.

This applies for all soap, even soap that smells like fruit should be avoided at all costs!

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What Foods Should You Really Avoid?

Firstly, happy April fools day 😉 Share this blog with your super strict clean-eating friend, they will love you 🙂

I hope this has helped you from some of the common myths in the fitness/nutrition industry.

Now, getting down to business, there’s isn’t really ANY foods you should never eat.

Even some of the most processed foods on the planet can be eaten in moderation, ultimately, it comes down to balance. In fact, most people who eliminate food end up quitting or re-bounding long-term.

Instead of eliminating food, focus on a 80/20 rule. Work on eating natural, healthy whole foods 80% of the time (sorry, no nails, soil or soap) and then allow a small ‘budget’ for high calorie or processed foods such as ice cream, chocolate etc.

At the end of the day, if you keep within your set calories and macros, ‘bad’ food can fit into your diet on a weekly basis in moderation.

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