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The 3 Best Natural Fat Burning Supplements to Shred Body Fat

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Everyone is searching for the best fat burning supplements to support their weight loss efforts.

While most fat burning supplements don’t work (which I’ve discussed in THIS article), there are a few single ingredients and herbs you can combine to maximize your fat loss efforts.

As I continually emphasize throughout the site, your diet and training methods should be optimal first (learn more on DIET and TRAINING in these articles).  If they are locked down, these 3 fat burning supplements can give you that extra push you need.

Here are 3 research proven fat burning supplements that actually work!

1.) Fat Burning Supplements: Yohimbine 

 Yohimbine is a natural fat burning supplement and has been used for decades to help with erectile dysfunction and weight loss.

In recent years, several studies have tested the benefits of Yohimbine as a fat burning supplement, showing it aids in weight loss and other markers of health.

In one study, 20 elite soccer players were split into two groups: one supplementing with Yohimbine and the other group with an empty pill (placebo). After 21 days of supplementation and training the Yohimbine group lost 9.3% body fat, compared to 7.1% in the control!

That’s an extra 23% reduction in fat in only 3 weeks!

How Does it Work to Burn Fat? 

 Research suggests that Yohimbine may work as a fat burning supplement by decreasing the sympathetic nervous system and increase activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. This basically ‘stimulates’ your body and causes you to burn more calories.

In addition, Yohimbine has alpha 2-antagonistic (A2A) properties which may increase the action of catecholamine’s receptors (fat burning properties). By activating A2A you can shift more fat out of the fat cell and burn it more efficiently for fuel or energy.

How to Supplement?

 In the present investigation these athletes took 10mg 2x per day (20mg daily). Yohimbine can be purchased online or at your local supplement shop in the USA; however, it may be harder to obtain in other countries.

Other research recommends 1mg per 10LB bodyweight. For example, a 150LB individual would take around 15mg (Warning: do not confuse MG with grams).

Finally, because Yohimbine improves fat mobilization, it’s best to take it around 1 hour before a workout – it stacks very well with caffeine. Of course, just be careful and use lower doses when stacking 2 stimulant-based supplements together.

This and the other fat burning supplements discussed here today should be avoided by individuals with heart conditions or high blood pressure. Always check with your doctor before taking them.

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2.) Fat Burning Supplements: Green Coffee Extract

 Green coffee extract is another popular fat burning supplement and is a key supplement in my 90 Day Bikini Transformation plan.

Green coffee extract is present in green or raw coffee; however, in order to isolate the compound, alcohol is used as a solvent. For this reason, and to get the required dose, it’s best to consume this with supplements (not to say you can’t drink coffee or tea as well).

There is strong research showing the fat loss effects of caffeine (another great fat burner I recommend) in coffee and other supportive research showing the benefits of green coffee extract.

For example, one research study compared the effects of green coffee extract and a placebo on body mass changes over 12 weeks in overweight people.

At the end of twelve weeks the Green coffee extract group lost 11.88lbs compared to 3.74 in the control group (2)!

That’s almost 400% greater weight loss!

How Does it Work to Burn Fat?

While the research is still developing to pinpoint the exact mechanism, it has been theorized that green coffee extract may modify hormone secretion and glucose (carbohydrate) tolerance. Of course, the caffeine content also aids in weight loss by boosting your metabolism and further increasing fat oxidation rates.

In other words, green coffee extract leads to improved utilization of carbohydrates which are broken down into blood glucose. It can also boost fat burning hormones and your metabolism, aiding in weight loss (3,4).

Aside from weight loss, green coffee extract can benefit those who struggle with insulin resistance, such as diabetics or those with higher levels of body fat. Green coffee extract may help regulate glucose secretion and decrease the negative side effects commonly associated with insulin resistance, which can damage our cells, increase fat storage and cause other health issues.

How to Supplement?

 The recommended dosage for green coffee extract is 150-300mg/daily. Green coffee extract can be found online or at your local supplement shop and can be taken in the AM. As with Yohimbine, it stacks well with 200 –  400mg of caffeine but should be used with caution as it’s a stimulant.

3.) Fat Burning Supplements: Green Tea Extract

 Green tea is another favorite fat burner of mine that makes up the Ultimate Fat Burning Stack in the 90 Day Bikini Challenge

Unlike most fat burning supplements, there is lots of research that has shown green tea extracts can benefit humans in conjunction with a controlled calorie restricted diet.

It works by increasing both your metabolism and boosting your body’s ability to burn fat. One study tested this, finding increases in 24-hour energy expenditure (calorie burn) and the increased proportion of fat we burn at rest (5).

Another study evaluated the effects of green tea extract on body composition of overweight individuals in conjunction with a 12 week resistance training protocol.

After twelve weeks of training those who supplemented with green tea lost an average of 4.4lbs compared to 2.2lbs in the control group, double the weight loss!

While the total weight loss wasn’t that noticeable for 12 weeks, these researchers also showed that the green tea extract condition lost greater amounts of abdominal fat (11.7%) compared to control (3.8%).

Remember, visceral fat is the most dangerous type of fat around our stomach, linked to heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

How does it work?

 Research suggests that green tea aids in fat loss because it increases thermogenesis or your metabolism (the amount of calories you burn per day – a key factor in weight loss).

Additionally, it also boosts fat oxidation, which means you will burn more total fat per day while resting, moving or performing exercise.

How to supplement?

 The present research suggests around 500mg/daily. Green tea extract can be found online or at your local supplement shop. Always buy the high strength green tea extract with around 50% ECGC content, which is a key compound that provides the major benefits discussed above.

The Best Fat Burning Supplements – Period.

 There you have it, 3 research proven, safe and effective natural herbs that can help you lose body fat and transform your physique!

Rather than falling for the $40 fat burning supplement with NO beneficial ingredients except caffeine (remember you can get pure caffeine for $8 at CVS or Amazon) stick with these natural ingredients that are proven to work (when your diet and exercise regime are optimized, of course).

Here’s a summary of all 3 discussed in this article:

  • Yohimbine can aid in fat loss by increasing the activity of your parasympathetic nervous system and boost your A2A receptors. It can be taken in two servings of around 10mg (AM and at lunchtime) or dosed at 1mg per 10LB bodyweight (Remember not to confuse the dosage in MG with Grams!).
  • Green coffee extract has been shown to result in significant fat loss through altering hormone secretion and carbohydrate (glucose) utilization. Green coffee extract can be taken daily at a dose of 150-300mg in the AM.
  • Lastly, Green Tea Extract is another potent fat burner which can aid in fat loss by increasing thermogenesis and fatty acid utilization. Green tea extract has been shown to be effective at dosages of 500mg/day with around a 50% ECGC content.

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