What do I mean by such a bold statement?                 

Well, specifically relating to fitness/nutrition (not medical), we’ve never lived in a more unhealthy & sedentary world with a 300% increase in obesity levels!

Society and the now accepted ‘norms’ have set us up to fail… trained to eat a diet full of processed food while doing minimal movement and exercise that keeps us lean, healthy and disease free…

More on that late, if you haven’t heard of me, you’re probably thinking who the hell I am…

Well, I’m Rudy Mawer, world renowned Celebrity Trainer, Nutritionist & Sports Scientist.

For more than a decade, I have helped over 100,000 women TRANSFORM their physiques and RESTORE their bodies by using research I studied while working and researching in a University lab, during my course to obtain a 1st class Master’s degree in Exercise & Nutrition science.

I’ve become the world’s leading expert in female weight loss, with features in Women’s Health & Fitness, Oxygen magazine, Men’s Health and pretty much every other fitness site/magazine in the world…

Now, one of my go-to principles that I utilize with 1-1 clients to provide these head-turning body transformations is getting people to follow my
Ancestral Body Program!

Until now, I’ve never crafted this program into a done-for-you plan and I normally charge thousands of dollars to work 1-1. But, I’ve been working hard to get it ready for 2019, to make it your fittest year yet!

Being brutally honest, the diet and nutrition principles that have been taught over the past 50 years have RUINED our health.


And this problem isn’t just in the United States, but in pretty much every other first world country!

Here is what statistics reveal: (according to the World Health Organization)

  In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults (18 years and older) were overweight. Of these over 650 million were obese

  Worldwide obesity has increased by nearly 300% since 1975

  340 million children and adolescents aged 5-19 were overweight or obese in 2016 (even our children are feeling the effects!)

And these stats CORRELATE with the rise of the deadly diseases we face. You know…cancer, type-II diabetes, high blood pressure, and the number 1 killer, HEART DISEASE.

In the US alone, about 610,000 people die of heart disease every year–that’s 1 in every 4 deaths!

Also, despite what you may think… heart disease and metabolic disease is the leading cause of death in women – not just in men, as many people believe!

And where can we trace the root cause of all this obesity, disease and death back to …. OUR DIETS & MOVEMENT PATTERNS.

Just 50 years ago, people were following a more ‘paleolithic type diet’. Since then, processed foods & sugary drinks have taken over our way of eating.

And while less of the population is dying of heart disease than they were in the 1960s and 70s, that’s on account of today’s advances in medical technology.

So basically, people now are using surgery and side-effect producing prescription drugs to keep them alive longer WHILE still suffering from a bad diet & leading an unhealthy lifestyle.


If you wish to avoid these problems (or get away from them) and lose weight quickly, using a safe and sustainable method, you came to the right page!

I crafted my already proven and successful paleo-style diet & training plan into an EASY-TO-FOLLOW program – The Ancestral Body – that your ancestors would be proud of 😀

This plan makes it super easy to lose weight and incredibly effective to achieve in just 4 weeks along with being one of the BEST diets to follow for long-term sustainability.

This plan utilizes fundamental principles that the human body is DESIGNED for and that we’ve performed for over a 1000 years.

Despite the candy in your kitchen, The Ancestral Body Program is what your body has REALLY BEEN CRAVING FOR!

Look, numerous research studies have shown that your body & brain was never designed to:

  Count calories and yo-yo diet

  Follow complex, confusing diets (e.g., Counting macros)

  Eat foods that were created in a laboratory (the odd treat is fine, but not 90% of your diet!)

  Drink over 500 calories per day from soda & sugary drinks!

Nor was your body meant to:

Walk or jog for HOURS on the treadmill (or any type of cardio machine)

Perform minimal single muscle effort exercises like dumbbell bicep curls and triceps kickbacks (these can still be OK, as part of a full exercise plan)

Sit in an office chair for 8 hours per day

Go home to sit another 4 hours on the couch!

Our body was meant to THRIVE and SURVIVE, so dieting & training the “modern way” won’t cut it if you want optimal health!

In order to transform your body quickly and most importantly to MAINTAIN it…you need to eat & train like our ancestors did.

The Ancestral Body Program will show you how to do this to transform your physique and KEEP that transformation in ONLY 4 WEEKS!






   Can’t lose weight and keep it off no matter what they’ve tried!

   Are unsure about how to exercise properly or just want to try a new fun and varied plan!

   Have poor gut health, skin and energy levels, wrecking their motivation and self-confidence!

   Tried every type of diet and don’t see quick results that last!

   Lose a little weight then regain it back (and often more!)

   Feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting and confusing information, different fad diets, etc.

   Suffer from a slow metabolism or hormonal issues making it almost impossible to lose weight using standard methods!

   Don’t want to wait 6 months to see noticeable results!

Sound familiar, if so you are a perfect fit!


Here’s the good news, you don’t need to struggle with these issues anymore…

In fact, in just 4 weeks, you can achieve your dream of attaining a sexy, well-toned body.

Now, you may be thinking how that is even possible, well, here’s how…


Phase 1: Way Of The Nomad

The nomad has incredible endurance, conditioning, strength and resilience.

In ancient times, nomads would have had to travel long distances every day while dealing with anything thrown at them from hunting, protecting their group or simply carrying supplies, tools and weapons.

This phase will follow the path of the nomad using Crossfit-like, HIIT and Strength-endurance focused workouts. This initial phase helps prepare you for the rigors of the plan and jump-starts your conditioning/fat loss.

Training Focuses:

1. Crossfit-like Workouts (intense circuits with emphasis on compound movements).
2. HIIT / Cardio-focused Exercises
3. Strength-Endurance Workouts

Phase 2: Way Of The Mammoth

The mammoth is one of the strongest and most resilient animals to ever walk the Earth.

In ancient times, the mammoth would have been a strong addition to any tribe providing protection and immense strength, while benefiting from incredibly long-lasting endurance.

This phase follows the path of the mammoth using compound-focused, strength-based workouts alongside more conditioning-focused workouts.

Training Focuses:

1. Strength
2. Strength Endurance
3. Compound/Crossfit Style Circuits

Phase 3: Way Of The Huntress

In ancient times, the hunter would have been regarded not only as the leader of the group, but also as one of the strongest and most resilient.

The hunter likely would have had to maintain top endurance to hunt and stalk prey and then also have the strength and resilience to carry the food back to

This phase follows the path of the hunter incorporating intense, strength-endurance circuits, HIIT and LISS.

Training Focuses:

1. Strength Endurance Workouts (Circuits)
2. HIIT / LISS Workouts
3. High Volume Workouts

Phase 4: Way Of The Survivor

In the age of our ancestors, life truly was a survival-of-the-fittest society. To ensure their survival, individuals would have needed to be able to handle anything thrown at them.

In phase 4, we follow the way of the survivor using intense, full-body circuits with focus on strength endurance, strength and fatigue resistance.

Phase 4 is the most difficult of all phases and is designed to truly challenge the user.

The final phase comes with two options – 1 that is the tough original and 1 that is a bit easier for those who feel they are not yet up to handling the original.

Training Focuses:

1. Crossfit
2. Strength
3. Strength Endurance
4. High Volume
5. Untraditional (ropes, med balls, etc.)

Exercise Descriptions Manual

This manual simply lays out in full detail how to perform exercises from all 4 phases so you get amazing results, incredible muscle tone (without looking bulky) while also reducing any joint pain!

Tailored Meal Plans to Ramp Up Your Metabolism

To make it easier to create a leaner head-turning body, you need to RAMP UP your metabolism! These meal plans, which will be tailored towards your body & lifestyle, contain metabolism-boosting ingredients that are ALL NATURAL. Don’t worry, they are all combined into really tasty recipes and are not restricting any food groups, unlike a lot of diets!

Anti-Inflammation Guide

Many people have no clue that body inflammation is a MAJOR cause of deadly diseases such cancer. Well this guide will provide LIFE-CHANGING tips that will help you get rid of built-up inflammation to lead a healthier and better life.

Private Facebook Group

Accomplishing your goal is MUCH EASIER when you have a motivating community around you. Gain access to my private FB group and you will be surrounded by like-minded women who want to see you succeed!

 WORTH $99:

4 Week Workout Calendar

Use this calendar to countdown the days until you are sporting a SEXY, WELL-TONED physique come week 4! This calendar is a convenient downloadable or printable page that you can pin onto your fridge, keep in the office, or save on your phone to help you keep track of your meal plans and workouts.

Grocery Store List

This downloadable/printable grocery list is going to give you a list of all the ‘approved paleo’ foods on this plan so you can efficiently buy exactly what you need without any foods that may slow or derail your progress.

Paleo Desserts

Who said you had to abandon desserts forever? Just alter them paleo-style! This guide provides TASTY paleo desserts that won’t affect your 4-week body transformation.

At-Home Training Program

Don’t have time to go the gym? No problem! I created this training program that provides you with FAT-BURNING, METABOLISM-BOOSTING workouts that you can do at home, (minimal equipment required).

At-Home Manual + Exercise Descriptions

This manual simply lays out in full detail how to perform each of the home exercises.


   Quick results in 4 weeks, using safe but advanced scientific principles

      Focuses on sustainable methods that the human body was built upon over tens of thousands of years

  Hormonal bio-optimization for faster results based on your own body & hormones

     Easy-to-follow & varied meal plans tailored to your own bodyweight and metabolism

  Rapid fat loss workouts, using advanced HIIT & compound weight training techniques

     Advanced nutritional methods so you can lose fat quickly, retain muscle and not feel like you are on a starvation diet!

  4-week guaranteed results or your money back!

OR 100% OF 

I wouldn’t have become the world’s leading female transformation expert with over 1 million fans and 100,000 members if I wasn’t able to get amazing results.

Unlike most plans online… I guarantee everything I do!

So, in just 4 weeks, I guarantee that you’ll start seeing noticeable results by losing some stubborn body fat and gaining lean, sexy muscle tone!

My programs have worked for many other women so I am confident that this one will work for you as well. I understand that you’ve been trying to shake your current body for a while now. And you probably have tried other programs but they didn’t produce much in the way of noticeable results.

Well, I’m confident that my program will FINALLY get you over these hurdles and reveal a sexy physique that you have never seen before!

But if you don’t see significant results in 4 weeks, contact my team and your money will be sent right back to you ASAP. And we are still cool if you decide to do so!





About me

Hey I’m Rudy, I’m the world’s leading sports scientist and expert when it comes to female-specific fat loss, transformations and hormones!

I’ve been a celebrity trainer to Hollywood movie stars you’ve seen on screen and on TV, coach to pro athletes, world medalists and record holders and professional sports teams, educator to thousands of personal trainers and, in addition to all of this, I have also spent a decade as a leading researcher!

In this time, (while working as a human performance researcher and obtaining a Master’s degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science) I’ve uncovered and developed some of the fastest, safest and most efficient programs that women can use to become healthier and leaner and rapidly lose stubborn body fat using advanced techniques you won’t find anywhere else online!

I’ve helped tens of thousands of women just like you transform their health and physique and have over a million females from around the world as part of my online community – the biggest female-specific transformation community in the world, based on proven scientific diet, exercise and hormone optimizing principles!

Because of my unique and extensive knowledge in this area, I’ve been hired by and/or consulted for all the major health and fitness companies and presented at international conferences in dozens of countries.

I’ve even been flown in by the US Navy to train their elite Deep Sea Divers and featured on dozens of websites and magazines such as Oxygen,, Men’s Health, Forbes Magazine, The Huffington Post and many more!

The Ancestral Body Program is my LATEST & GREATEST plan that gives women something which is very easy to follow but is also TRULY sustainable.

I’m excited for you to join the very best online female training and transformation community and be our next head-turning transformation, utilizing these advanced techniques in my brand new program; all the while benefiting from the amazing support, motivation and inspiration which our thousands of members provide within the private FB group and membership site!



When I was 39 I worked with a personal trainer for a year to lose weight that had crept on, and he introduced me to Carb Cycling and proper HIIT, tailoring workouts round my injuries. Since moving house, I have no longer been able to use my PT and am ‘on my own’.

I signed up to the 90 Day bikini plan as it seemed a comprehensive resource that complemented the style of training and eating I had become accustomed to. This along with the user group gave me the guidance I was missing from my PT who had been encouraging me to increase calories for some time.

The diet plan was the easy to follow and the recipe book provided me with plenty options to mix things up. This was badly needed for me as I had previously fallen into the trap of eating the same things day in and out.

The workouts were perfect for me. I was used to a serious session and felt I got progress with these. Adding in the HIIT workouts meant I could get some more variety on the days I struggled with injury.

6 months in, (not training religously due to injury) and I dropped from 68kg to 62kg (14lb weight loss). I felt stronger, had more stamina and felt great on my trip to USA.

Although these pictures are not great, I can see a huge difference in my face and body! Life can easily get in the way and I have gained a little weight back, but the plan gives me the tools to dip back in and get back to where I want to be easily…

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rudy’s plans. There is something for everyone.

Frances M, 42, Scotland

I’ve been on so many diet and eating plans I have lost count! However, Rudy has created a plan which is so easy to follow! The workouts are easy to understand and flexible and the eating plan doesn’t restrict or cut out foods. Within the first three weeks I lost 15cm from all over my body! I cannot explain how awesome this program is!

Lauren G, Melbourne, Australia.

All I a can say is purchasing 90 day bikini plan is the best thing I have ever done!! Honestly I was very skeptical at first but after reading the manual and understanding how the carb cycling and macros worked I knew this was something I could do. I didn’t have much weight to lose. I mainly wanted to build muscle and get lean, I lost a total of 4 pounds and lost inches off my waist, hips and thigs. I am thrilled with my muscles definition especially in my upper body.

I love the support I received from you and the FB group. Everyone is positive in their remarks. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get healthy and see results. Thanks you for personally responding to all my group posts and being so supportive.

Nan Johnson

What can I say??? I love 90 Day Bikini plan!!

I am 54 years and I have never seen myself so determined to transform.

All of Rudy’s workout plans are easy to read and understand, delivering rapid results – they work! With the help of Rudy blogs, the support of his group to encourage my fitness goals, and research to find what works best for my body, I am in the best shape of my life!! I am not stopping here.

I will continue to improve, you will see!!

Esthelita F, Texas, USA

Rudy I cannot express or say enough great things about you and your program. Everyone I meet ask me who my trainer is, what program, am I in competition prep etc. …the amount of confidence, support and knowledge you and your program have given me is amazing. Thank you so much! The best part? I keep just getting better/stronger. Thanks again.

Martine R.

Before using this program, I was at a plateau. I was hovering around 160 lbs despite training hard and watching what I ate. The 90 day plan gave me new insight to foods and workouts that led me to drop 11 lbs, and now I am at 149lbs, and feel better than ever.  The programs are easy to follow, the macros have an option for everybody, and the results speak for themselves. Looking forward to more results!

Meg N.

I have completed the 90 day bikini plan, and literally my body shrank. It looks live I’ve been vacuum packed! Everything tightened, muscles popped out, and my skin has never looked as plump and healthy. I continued with MAD straight after and now have only a week to go, to finish it.

My body has had a total transformation.  With Rudy’s plans and scientific knowledge on nutrition, and exercises, it has changed my life forever. I wish I knew all this when I was young! Thanks Rudy, and to all the FB group who constantly support and encourage each other.

Laura, Scotland, UK

Between the 90 day bikini program, 30 days of HIIT, his delicious macro cookbook, private Facebook page and now his supplements (which are safer and smarter than anything you will find in a nutritional store): Rudy Mawer has created my absolute one stop shop for incredible workouts. Flexible (and sustainable) nutrition, smart, safe supplements, and a tremendous community of support.

Not only has my already active and fit physique experienced rapid changes, but I’ve come to enjoy nutrition, rather than feeling I am being restrictive. To have access to his expertise in combination with money back guaranteed results but not to try his programs, is a disservice to what you can achieve.

Jaclyn G., age 40, Omaha, NE


“I cannot say enough great things about Rudy’s 90 day bikini program. It’s everything that I’ve been looking for in a workout plan and more. The workout plan pushed me further each week, to get the results I was looking for. I was able to slim down and see more muscle definition each week.  The workouts were always switched up to keep your muscles guessing and help accelerate your results. It was easy to follow and laid out perfectly.

The eating plan was perfect.  I didn’t feel like I was starving or bored with the food, and loved how I was able to cycle my macros. I definitely got the results I was looking for in the 90 day bikini program, and would highly recommend this to anyone looking to lose weight and gain muscle. I’ve tried other fitness plans, and they were all generic without much variety. With Rudy’s, I felt that the plan was specifically tailored for me. I can’t wait to do the program again after my pregnancy! I know I will get the results I’m looking for!”

Joanne Z


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